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Harry Smith: The Beat Artist Who Rescued Paper Planes from the Streets of NYC

“Every kid appreciates the improbable heights of a well-crafted paper airplane, but rare are the adults who take notice. Prolific 20th-century polymath Harry Smith, who’s best known for his experimental filmmaking but also dabbled in painting, anthropology, music, and the … Continue reading

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Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Stills – Super Session (1968), The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper (1968), Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes (1968)

“Super Session is an album by Al Kooper, with guitarists Mike Bloomfield on the first half and Stephen Stills on the second half of the album. Released by Columbia Records in 1968, it peaked at number 12 on the Billboard … Continue reading

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The Storyteller of Tangier – Mohammed Mrabet / Paul Bowles

“Like many readers, I suspect, I first came across the name Mohammed Mrabet in relation to Paul Bowles. Throughout the sixties, seventies, and eighties, everyone from Life magazine to Rolling Stone sent writers and photographers to Tangier—where Bowles had been … Continue reading

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The Prince of Possibility; The Man Who Turned on the Here: On the Lam in Mexico with Ken Kesey – By Robert Stone

“In 1964 Ken Kesey was working in a cabin so deep in the redwoods south of San Francisco that its indifferently painted interior walls seemed to grow seaweed instead of mold. Despite its glass doors, the cabin held the winter … Continue reading

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The Case for Stanislaw Lem, One of Science Fiction’s Unsung Giants

“Since his death in 2006, the work of Polish science fiction writer Stanisław Lem has slowly slid from view. While his impact upon on American audiences was always softened by the Iron Curtain — he was was in peak form … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Second-Wave Feminism

“For all of its attention-sucking, data-mining downsides, the internet has held true to at least one of its original promises: connecting disparate groups of people. There’s hardly a better reminder of this than a global health crisis and a national … Continue reading

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The Belated Celebration of the Kamoinge Workshop

Anthony Barboza, Kamoinge Members, 1973 “In 2016, on the occasion of an exhibition of the photographs of Louis Draper at Steven Kasher Gallery, Hyperallergic critic John Yau asked, ‘Does the Museum of Modern Art Even Know about This Great Photographer?’ … Continue reading

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Paul Simon Deconstructs “Mrs. Robinson” (1970)

“There’s nothing like having a deadline. When Simon and Garfunkel were called on by director Mike Nichols to provide music for his 1967 comedy The Graduate, the film was already being edited, and the duo were working on the movie … Continue reading

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Anti-Imperialist Propaganda Posters from OSPAAAL

Nixon Tearing the Heart out of Indochina, 1971. Creator: René Mederos “On January 3, 1966, 513 delegates representing 83 groups from countries across Latin America, Asia, and Africa gathered in Havana, Cuba for the first Tricontinental Conference. The meeting was … Continue reading

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The Rag

“The Rag was an underground newspaper published in Austin, Texas from 1966–1977. The weekly paper covered political and cultural topics that the conventional press ignored, such as the growing antiwar movement, the sexual revolution, gay liberation, and the drug culture. … Continue reading

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