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Napalm and The Dow Chemical Company

In November, more than 125 students occupy the University Placement Services Office, forcing Dow Chemical, the producers of napalm, to call off schedules interviews. Washington Square Journal, 11/30/67. “Napalm had been used before, most notably in the incendiary bombs that … Continue reading

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What a Combat Medic Still Carries

Rafael Matos was a combat medic in Vietnam in 1967. “The experience never leaves a combat medic: the sight, the smell, the touch of flowing blood. The mutilated limbs. The moment of watching, helpless, as life turns to death. Fifty … Continue reading

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Red Army Faction

“The Red Army Faction also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group or Baader–Meinhof Gang, was a West German far-left militant organization founded in 1970. Key early figures included Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Horst Mahler and Ulrike Meinhof, among others. Ulrike Meinhof … Continue reading

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Cool Hand Luke – Stuart Rosenberg (1967)

“Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American prison drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Paul Newman and featuring George Kennedy in an Oscar-winning performance. Newman stars in the title role as Luke, a prisoner in a Florida prison camp … Continue reading

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Garbage Fires for Freedom: When Puerto Rican Activists Took Over New York’s Streets

During the Puerto Rican Day Parade, members of the Young Lords burned Mayor John Lindsay in effigy as they passed the reviewing stand at Fifth Avenue and 69th Street, according to the photographer’s notes. June 7, 1970. “Hiram Maristany laughs … Continue reading

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What I Saw in Vietnam – H.d.s. Greenway

“They were burning brush, as they always do in the dry season, when my plane came in over the Vietnamese coast at dusk. Descending into Saigon, I could see fires burning below me, and in my naïveté I thought I … Continue reading

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Hearts and Minds (Vietnam)

“Hearts and Minds (Vietnam) or winning hearts and minds refers to the strategy and programs used by the governments of Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War to win the popular support of the Vietnamese people and to … Continue reading

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