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Ann Beat, “Junkie Culture ,” excerpted from Books and Bookmen, November 1963.

“Norman Mailer describes Burroughs as ‘the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed of genius.’ An odd offshoot of the adding machine family, he lives in a squalid Paris room where he appeared to the Observer as … Continue reading

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Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists’ Scrapbooks

William Burroughs and Brion Gysin – spread from scrapbook “Art historian Alex Kitnick muses that scrapbooks, like sketchbooks, act as ‘research and development’ for artists: Their pages show a variety of approaches to dealing with a framing device and each … Continue reading

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William Burroughs and Cigarettes

“Everything counts in small amounts. Everything, everything. Everything, everything. All the minutiae matters. El hombre invisible comes into focus only if you shift through enough details. It has always struck me that Ted Berrigan drank Pepsi, not Coke. He is … Continue reading

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Poems Collected at Les Deux Mégots/Poets at Le Metro

Poets at Le Metro 19 (December 1964). “During the 1950s, East Tenth Street between Third and Fourth Avenues housed a number of art galleries exhibiting the most advanced art in America on a street that until then had been occupied … Continue reading

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On The Road: Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation’s Style

“Take someone from 70 years ago, drop them on a city street today. Would their style fit in seamlessly with those surrounding them on the sidewalk? Styles change. The best dressed style icons of almost any era—no matter how respected—wouldn’t … Continue reading

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#7 – Jed Birmingham

“It does not matter if you have five books or five thousand, one’s own book collection is inherently the most important and most interesting. These are the books that mean the most to you personally otherwise you would not have … Continue reading

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Jane Bowles: Collected Writings

“In a brilliant handful of works, Jane Bowles (1917–1973) fashioned an uninhibited avant-garde style, a dazzling compound of spare prose and vivid dialogue that has enjoyed an outsized literary influence. Tennessee Williams called her ‘the most important writer of prose … Continue reading

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Interview with Tom Veitch on William S. Burroughs

Tom Veitch Magazine #2 “… How did the book come to be published by Ted Berrigan and C Press? For some reason, Ted liked my writing. The first thing he saw by me was a first-person novel called The Transfigured, … Continue reading

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How the Beat Generation Created the Uniform for Disaffected Youth

“William Burroughs once said that On the Road ‘sold a trillion Levi’s.’ The iconic denim brand is just one of the fashion companies to benefit from the disaffected, worn-out look popularized by the Beat Generation. The group of writers—including Burroughs, … Continue reading

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Inside the Beat Hotel of Paris

“‘I lay there on the floor, he makes love to Nanette all night, as she whimpers,’ wrote Jack Kerouac, recalling the night he slept in Room 41 of a Parisian ‘fleabag’ in the Latin Quarter that his friend and fellow … Continue reading

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