The Blues Project – Live At The Cafe Au Go Go (1966), Live At Town Hall (1967)

“Verve/Folkways and Howard Solomon, entrepreneur of the Cafe Au Go Go in New York’s Greenwich Village, presented a four-day concert series called the ‘Blues Bag.’ The evenings of November 24 through the 27 at the Cafe Au Go Go proved to be one of the most exciting events during a busy weekend of folk and jazz concerts. The Blues Project group topped a long show that was filled with talented and exciting performers. They not only held their audience, but they drew cries of ‘more, more, more’ after each encore. Fortunately, Verve/Folkways decided to record all four nights. While electronic instruments are extremely difficult to record live, we have managed to capture all of the excitement these young men generated. The Blues Project’s musical range is broad, due both to their versatility as musicians and the scope of their musical interests. Their songs cover a wide spectrum: folk, folk-rock, hard rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm & blues and gentle ballads. Tom Flanders, the lead vocalist, has since left the band. He will be recorded by Verve/Folkways as a single in the very near future. The band has excellent vocalists in Steve, Danny and Al. This, plus their abilities to double on such instruments as the piano, organ, harmonica, vibes, flute and sitar, gives the Blues Project enormous potential. The best way to end these liner notes is to quote Robert Shelton, The New York Times critic: ‘Nearly a score in number paraded to the Cafe Au Go Go for four nights in what was the most unusual and perhaps most rewarding program of the weekend. This live recording session for Verve/Folkways Records was a study in the varied effects of the blues. Of the electric bands at The Blues Bag, none impressed more than the Blues Project, possibly the most incandescent group in folk-rock today. [They are.] Sparked by the imaginative electric guitar of Danny Kalb; the volatile electric piano of Alan Kooper and the vocal sky-rocketing of Tommy Flanders.’ …”
Rockasteria (Video)
W – Live at The Cafe Au Go Go
Discogs (Video)
YouTube: Live at the Café au Go Go   11 videos
allmusic (Audio), Discogs (Video)
YouTube:Introduction (Electric) Flute Thing (Live Version at Town Hall)

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