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Synthedelia: Psychedelic Electronic Music in the 1960s

“‘Rock & roll is electronic music – because if you pull the plug, it stops.’ So says Louis ‘Cork’ Marcheschi of Fifty Foot Hose, whose sole album, Cauldron – a pioneering collision of abstract electronics and psychedelic rock originally released … Continue reading

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Monk’s Dream – Thelonious Monk (1962)

“I can listen to Thelonious Monk play just about anything. His angular, percussive style has always hit me in my sweet spot. He was one of the first major jazz artists I discovered after my initial exposure to Miles and … Continue reading

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The Science of the Psychedelic Renaissance

Three new books suggest that psychedelic drugs did not necessarily have the power to rewrite society, but, instead, brought on revelations concerning earthly themes. “In 1960, Allen Ginsberg wrote a letter to Timothy Leary, then a professor at Harvard. Leary … Continue reading

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A Most Violent Year

“It was neither the best nor the worst of times. But in contrast to the relative placidity of the 1950s, the events of 1968 opened up previously unimaginable vistas to people all across the globe. ‘We knew about the Paris … Continue reading

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How Pharoah Sanders Brought Jazz to Its Spiritual Peak with His Impulse! Albums

November 1966 “With Ayler’s statement about jazz’s so-called ‘New Thing,’ the metaphor was cast. Of course John Coltrane – the giant of the tenor saxophone who brought Eastern thought to bear on his own music – was deemed the father. … Continue reading

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The Greatest Week in the History of Avant-Garde Jazz

“Thank God somebody bought Lester Bowie’s couch in the spring of 1969. And his chairs, bed and desk. Otherwise, the most glorious week in avant-garde jazz history would never have happened. ‘Lester was selling all the furniture in his house … Continue reading

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The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now

Installation view, The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now “This summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago presents The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now, a large-scale group exhibition that links … Continue reading

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