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The Fillmore

“The Fillmore is a historic music venue in San Francisco, California. Built in 1912 and originally named the Majestic Hall, it became the Fillmore Auditorium in 1954. It is in Western Addition, on the edge of the Fillmore District and … Continue reading

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Underground newspapers: The social media networks of the 1960s and 1970s

Published in Detroit from 1965 to 1967, Free Poems Among Friends was one of a large number of literary undergrounds. “The social movements of the 1960s and 1970s transformed American politics, social life, and culture. From civil rights groups, to … Continue reading

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Hells Angels vs. Allen Ginsberg: The unlikely Vietnam War-era confrontation

“It would be an understatement to say the Hells Angels and Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg had differing world views. In the Vietnam War era, those views came into conflict in the Bay Area. A recent trip to The Chronicle’s … Continue reading

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The Richard Brautigan Collection from poet Joanne Kyger

In Watermelon Sugar. Four Seasons Foundation, 1968 “Featuring an extraordinary archive of original artwork, inscribed books, rare ephemera and magazines, photographs, typescripts and more. Joanne Kyger met Richard Brautigan at a gallery opening in San Francisco in the spring of … Continue reading

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1963: the beginning of the feminist movement

Sylvia Plath died in 1963. “‘Is this all?’ That was the question that echoed around a generation of US housewives in the early 1960s. Theirs was the problem with no name, wrote Betty Friedan in her 1963 bestseller, The Feminine … Continue reading

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Ted Berrigan – The Sonnets (1964)

“Since its original publication in 1964, Ted Berrigan’s first book of poetry, The Sonnets, has been considered a major aesthetic statement of both the New York School and 20th century American poetry as a whole, drawing on the influence of … Continue reading

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Women of the Beat Generation: The Writers, Artists and Muses at the Heart of a Revolution – Brenda Knight

“History has not been kind to the women of the Beat Generation. Their presence is largely unknown to most casual readers, and considered largely unimportant to those who would delve a little further. Perhaps it is because the feminists that … Continue reading

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