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‘Power to the people’s mimeo machines!’ or the Politicization of Small Press Aesthetics

“Having engaged in small press practices of various kinds for more than half a life, from making the Ugly Duckling zine to co-founding the editorial collective of Ugly Duckling Presse, which was incorporated as a nonprofit in New York and … Continue reading

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Turtle Island – Gary Snyder (1974)

“Turtle Island is a book of poems and essays written by Gary Snyder and published by New Directions in 1974. Within it, Snyder expresses his vision for humans to live in harmony with the earth and all its creatures. The … Continue reading

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Grist – John Fowler (1964–67)

Grist 2 (Spring 1964). Cover by Lee Payton. “John Fowler, editor and publisher of Grist magazine, came to Lawrence, Kansas, from southern Missouri in the early 1960s. He settled with his wife, Bernice, and two young sons. He soon opened … Continue reading

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Denise Levertov

“Priscilla Denise Levertov (24 October 1923 – 20 December 1997) was a British-born naturalised American poet. … During the 1960s and 70s, Levertov became much more politically active in her life and work. As poetry editor for The Nation, she … Continue reading

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“Dissent is an American Left intellectual magazine edited by Natasha Lewis and Timothy Shenk and founded in 1954. The magazine is published by the University of Pennsylvania Press on behalf of the Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas. … Continue reading

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The Moment Sylvia Plath Found Her Genius

“The voluminous critical conversation about Sylvia Plath has tended to orbit a few topics: her suicide, of course, and the ways mental illness and madness perhaps predicted her death and marked her poetry; the blazing ferocity of her posthumous masterpiece … Continue reading

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Samizdat Is Russia’ Underground Press

Samizdat copies “Censorship existed even be fore literature, say the Russians. And, we may add, censorship being older, literature has to be craftier. Hence, the new and remarkably viable underground press in the Soviet Union called samizdat. The word is … Continue reading

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Charles Olson: Quicks and Strings by Robin Blaser

#8 (June 1995), with 15 letters from Olson to Robin Blaser. “Charles Olson and I first met — head to head — in 1957, at The Tavern, which was, then, a white, weatherboarded, frame building with rooms, a bar-restaurant, and … Continue reading

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#7 – Jed Birmingham

“It does not matter if you have five books or five thousand, one’s own book collection is inherently the most important and most interesting. These are the books that mean the most to you personally otherwise you would not have … Continue reading

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Ted Berrigan: Has Henry James Put Me in This Mood?

Collage made as a proposed cover for “Memorial Day,” a long poem by Anne Waldman and Ted Berrigan. “Ted Berrigan was the first in the circle of poets around the Poetry Project at Saint Mark’s Church to ask me to … Continue reading

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