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New York Poets Theatre

“The East End Theatre was an Off-Off-Broadway theater venue located at 85 East 4th Street. Existing in the 1960s, the theater was the creation and home from January 1, 1965 to December 31, 1965 of the New York Poets Theatre, an … Continue reading

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Canned Heat (1967), Boogie with Canned Heat (1968), Living the Blues (1968)

“Canned Heat’s 1967 debut was released shortly after the band’s explosive introduction at the Monterey International Pop Festival. The quartet featured on Canned Heat includes the unique personnel of Alan ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson (guitar/vocals), Larry ‘The Mole’ Taylor (bass), Henry … Continue reading

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Who Saw the Summer of Love?

Jay and Ron Thelin outside The Psychedelic Shop, c. 1966. “San Francisco has always been a boomtown, and California has always called to people from far-flung parts of the country. The massive migration to California during the Summer of Love … Continue reading

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Power Anywhere Where There’s People – Fred Hampton (1969)

“Power anywhere where there’s people. Power anywhere where there’s people. Let me give you an example of teaching people. Basically, the way they learn is observation and participation. You know a lot of us go around and joke ourselves and … Continue reading

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The Complete Guide to Middle-earth – Robert Foster (1971)

“The Complete Guide to Middle-earth is a reference book for the fictional universe of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Middle-earth, compiled and edited by Robert Foster. Originally published in 1971 as A Guide to Middle-Earth, before the publication of The Silmarillion, the first … Continue reading

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Cryptanalysis: Martin and Mitchell defection

Close-up of the rotors in a Fialka cipher machine “In September 1960, two U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) cryptologists, William Hamilton Martin and Bernon F. Mitchell, defected to the Soviet Union. A secret 1963 NSA study said that: ‘Beyond any … Continue reading

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The Spice-Box of Earth – Leonard Cohen (1961)

“The Spice-Box of Earth has three main themes: love, poetry and Judaism, these topics are spread through out the whole book but we can see in the beginning that poetic concepts prevail, that in the middle are abundant love poems, … Continue reading

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Fifty Years Ago, a Rag-Tag Group of Acid-Dropping Activists Tried to “Levitate” the Pentagon

The October 21, 1967 March on the Pentagon is remembered as one of the most significant political demonstrations of the era. “Late in the evening of January 14, 1967, a few of the people responsible for turning the seventh decade … Continue reading

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Spanish Harlem Style, 1960

Joe Cuba Sextet – Wanted Dead or Alive (1966) “In the summer of 1966, The Joe Cuba Sextet played a show in Asbury Park, a small seaside town in New Jersey known for its beachfront properties and country clubs. ‘It’s … Continue reading

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“The Idiocy of War”

Chinook helicopter C.J. Hughes – Aug. 2017: “Long, unpopular and ultimately a failure, the Vietnam War remained so controversial after it ended that many veterans were loath to discuss their combat experiences in the conflict for decades—even among close family … Continue reading

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