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The Newsreel

“The Newsreel, most frequently called Newsreel, was an American filmmaking collective founded in New York City in late 1967. In keeping with the radical student/youth, antiwar and Black power movements of the time, the group explicitly described its purpose as … Continue reading

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E.P. Thompson

“Edward Palmer Thompson (3 February 1924 – 28 August 1993) was an English historian, writer, socialist and peace campaigner. He is best known today for his historical work on the radical movements in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, … Continue reading

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“Umbra was a collective of young black writers based in Manhattan‘s Lower East Side that was founded in 1962. Umbra was one of the first post-civil rights Black literary groups to make an impact as radical in the sense of … Continue reading

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Ezra Pound, The Art of Poetry No. 5 (1962)

Interviewed by Donald Hall : “Since his return to Italy, Ezra Pound has spent most of his time in the Tirol, staying at Castle Brunnenburg with his wife, his daughter Mary, his son-in-law Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, and his grandchildren. … Continue reading

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“ZigZag was a British rock music magazine. It was started by Pete Frame and the first edition was published on 16 April 1969. The magazine was noted for its interviews, articles, innovative ‘rock family trees’ by Frame, and support for … Continue reading

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J – Jack Spicer, Fran Herndon art editor San Francisco, Nos., 1–8 (1959–61)

“In many ways the most beautiful of all the mimeo magazines, J had an eight-issue run. The first five issues were edited from North Beach bars by Jack Spicer with Fran Herndon as art editor. Spicer, who embodied the spirit … Continue reading

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0 to 9: Bernadette Mayer and Vito Hannibal Acconci

“‘What is a body artist? Someone who is his own test tube,’ quips painter David Salle about performance artist, filmmaker, and writer Vito Hannibal Acconci, probably the prime example of an artist who experiments on himself and his own life, … Continue reading

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Poems Collected at Les Deux Mégots/Poets at Le Metro

Poets at Le Metro 19 (December 1964). “During the 1950s, East Tenth Street between Third and Fourth Avenues housed a number of art galleries exhibiting the most advanced art in America on a street that until then had been occupied … Continue reading

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Gilbert Sorrentino: The Lost Laureate of Brooklyn

“The last thing Gilbert Sorrentino did before he left California was sell his car. The novelist, a favorite of other writers if not the average American reader, called it the happiest day of his life: like many a native New … Continue reading

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“Dissent is an American Left intellectual magazine edited by Natasha Lewis and Timothy Shenk and founded in 1954. The magazine is published by the University of Pennsylvania Press on behalf of the Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas. … Continue reading

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