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A Different Tuning: Jean Follain

“I own one book I’d truly grieve losing, D’Après Tout by Jean Follain. My reasons are partly sentimental—I went to great trouble to get the book, and it found me when I felt lost in my writing life. Most of … Continue reading

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Hitchcock/Truffaut by François Truffaut (1966)

“Film fans of a certain age, and some of them are certainly represented and name-checked in the film, will immediately recognize the true subject of the new documentary by Kent Jones, Hitchcock/Truffaut . It’s not a dual biography of the … Continue reading

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The Revolution of Everyday Life – Raoul Vaneigem (1967)

“The Belgian-born writer, scholar and theorist Raoul Vaneigem (b. 1934) is best known as the author of the 1967 essay The Revolution of Everyday Life, a wide-ranging inquiry into the alienation of the individual under capitalism and an animated call … Continue reading

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S/Z – Roland Barthes (1970)

“S/Z, published in 1970, is Roland Barthes‘ structural analysis of ‘Sarrasine‘, the short story by Honoré de Balzac. Barthes methodically moves through the text of the story, denoting where and how different codes of meaning function. Barthes’ study made a … Continue reading

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Guy Debord: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of a Brilliant Crank

“This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Guy Debord (1931-1994), the filmmaker, revolutionary, writer, and consummate drinker who is most often identified as the secretary and guiding figure of the Situationist International (S.I.), as well as … Continue reading

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Camera Lucida – Roland Barthes (1980)

“Camera Lucida (French: La chambre claire) is a short book published in 1980 by the French literary theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes. It is simultaneously an inquiry into the nature and essence of photography and a eulogy to Barthes’ late … Continue reading

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Jean-Luc Godard, Daring Director Who Shaped the French New Wave, Dies at 91

“Jean-Luc Godard, the daringly innovative director and provocateur whose unconventional camera work, disjointed narrative style and penchant for radical politics changed the course of filmmaking in the 1960s, leaving a lasting influence on it, died on Tuesday at his home … Continue reading

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The Screens – Jean Genet (1961)

“The Screens (French: Les Paravents) is a play by the French dramatist Jean Genet. Its first few productions all used abridged versions, beginning with its world premiere under Hans Lietzau‘s direction in Berlin in May 1961. Its first complete performance … Continue reading

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On the Poverty of Student Life

“On the Poverty of Student Life: A Consideration of Its Economic, Political, Sexual, Psychological and Notably Intellectual Aspects and of a Few Ways to Cure it … is a pamphlet first published by students of the University of Strasbourg and … Continue reading

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Alain Robbe- Grillet: Six Films, 1963-1974

L’Homme qui ment (1968) “When a body of work is inherently made up of intricately layered themes and hidden caches of ideas, surmising the work as a whole can be extremely difficult.  This is never more prescient than in the … Continue reading

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