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Parisian students and security police fighting after the student occupation of the Sorbonne, Boulevard St Michel, Paris, June 18, 1968 “I was born in England in 1948, late enough to avoid conscription by a few years, but in time for … Continue reading

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Beauvoir on Feminism

“Simone de Beauvoir is a feminist icon. She didn’t just write the feminist book, she wrote the movement’s bible, The Second Sex. She was an engaged intellectual who combined philosophical and literary productivity with real-world political action that led to … Continue reading

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Algeria’s forgotten revolutionary history

Ben Bella in Havana with Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara. “Amilcar Cabral, the leader of the Bissau-Guinean armed struggle against colonial Portugal, once said about Algiers: ‘The Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca, the Christians to the Vatican, and … Continue reading

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The Game of War: Debord as Strategist

Constant Nieuwenhuys, New Babylon/Amsterdam, 1963. “The only member of the Situationist International to remain at its dissolution in 1972 was Guy Debord (1931–1994). He is often held to be synonymous with the movement, but anti-Debordist accounts rightly stress the role … Continue reading

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Army of Shadows – Jean-Pierre Melville (1969)

“Army of Shadows (French: L’armée des ombres) is a 1969 French drama–suspense film written and directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. It is a film adaptation of Joseph Kessel‘s 1943 book of the same name, which blends Kessel’s own experiences as a … Continue reading

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The Situationist Times, 1962–67

“Jacqueline de Jong was born in 1939, in the Dutch town of Hengelo, to liberal, contemporary art-collecting Jewish industrialists. In 1942, she and her mother fled to her mother’s native Switzerland, where they stayed out the war in Zurich; one … Continue reading

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French New Wave

François Truffaut “New Wave (French: La Nouvelle Vague) is a French film movement which emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a form of European art cinema, and is often referred to as one of the most influential movements … Continue reading

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