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Without Marx or Jesus: the New American Revolution Has Begun. – Jean-François Revel (1972)

“To judge a book by a Frenchman that has ‘America’ in its title by comparing it with Democracy in America is unfair. Tocqueville’s pair of books enjoy their reputation; Revel’s best-seller, little more than an extended pamphlet, will not be … Continue reading

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The Walls Speak: Art And The Revolution In May ’68

“Marx had always theorized that socialist revolution would take place in advanced, industrialized societies before spreading to the less-developed corners of the globe.” “The streets have always been where the masses bring their voices and grievances. It is a practice as … Continue reading

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Unsettling the Score: Éliane Radigue

In her studio, Paris, 1971. “‘I only have one trick,’ Éliane Radigue told me a few years ago. ‘It is the cross-fade!’ She pulled her fingers apart as if stretching taffy and laughed. She was sitting on the couch in … Continue reading

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The French strikes of May-June 1968 – Bruno Astarian

Citroen plant occupied by the workers, 1968 “A demystifying review essay and analysis summarizing the events of May-June 1968 in France with an almost exclusive focus on the strikes of the workers, based on reports and testimonies garnered from a … Continue reading

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Enragés and Situationists in the Occupation Movement: Paris, May, 1968 – René Vienet

Revolutionary Space: The Situationist Excursions of 1968 – “A map of the fifth arrondissement of Paris, dated May 10th 1968, shows Rue Gay-Lussac and numerous streets south of Place du Panthéon blocked by black lines. Appearing in an account of … Continue reading

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Guy Debord’s “Naked City”, map of Paris “Psychogeography is the exploration of urban environments that emphasizes interpersonal connections to places and arbitrary routes. It was developed by members of the Letterist International and Situationist International, which were revolutionary groups influenced … Continue reading

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A Different Tuning: Jean Follain

“I own one book I’d truly grieve losing, D’Après Tout by Jean Follain. My reasons are partly sentimental—I went to great trouble to get the book, and it found me when I felt lost in my writing life. Most of … Continue reading

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Hitchcock/Truffaut by François Truffaut (1966)

“Film fans of a certain age, and some of them are certainly represented and name-checked in the film, will immediately recognize the true subject of the new documentary by Kent Jones, Hitchcock/Truffaut . It’s not a dual biography of the … Continue reading

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The Revolution of Everyday Life – Raoul Vaneigem (1967)

“The Belgian-born writer, scholar and theorist Raoul Vaneigem (b. 1934) is best known as the author of the 1967 essay The Revolution of Everyday Life, a wide-ranging inquiry into the alienation of the individual under capitalism and an animated call … Continue reading

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S/Z – Roland Barthes (1970)

“S/Z, published in 1970, is Roland Barthes‘ structural analysis of ‘Sarrasine‘, the short story by Honoré de Balzac. Barthes methodically moves through the text of the story, denoting where and how different codes of meaning function. Barthes’ study made a … Continue reading

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