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The Neglected History of the May ’68 Uprising in France

Three Parisians take an al fresco snack on the remains of a barricade in the Rue Cujas, in Paris’s Left Bank, on May 26, 1968, after the previous night’s demonstrations by students and workers. “On the morning of June 10, … Continue reading

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Africa’s 1968: Protests and Uprisings Across the Continent

Egyptians pour into the streets on 9 and 10 June 1967, shouting, “we shall fight” in support of President Nasser, and against his resignation. “Fifty years ago, in May 1968, what started as a localized student protest against proposed reforms … Continue reading

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1968: The season of planting is not the season of harvest

“French intellectuals of a certain age tend to divide their lives into two parts – ‘before May’ and ‘after May’. Philosopher Jacques Rancière defined May 1968 as a political moment which ‘signals the very essence of politics.’ Twenty years later, … Continue reading

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Printing a Revolution: The Posters of Paris ’68

“Clash of Images,” an exhibition in Paris of posters, paintings, films and other works from the uprising of May 1968 and beyond. “PARIS — Fifty years ago, almost to the day, students here began to strike over the rigidity and … Continue reading

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A Most Violent Year

“It was neither the best nor the worst of times. But in contrast to the relative placidity of the 1950s, the events of 1968 opened up previously unimaginable vistas to people all across the globe. ‘We knew about the Paris … Continue reading

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Cannes Film Festival 1968

Directors Claude Lelouch, Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Roman Polanski and Louis Malle (standing) on strike during the Cannes Film Festival to show solidarity with the French students on May 18, 1968. “In the newly released comedy ‘Godard Mon Amour,’ Michel … Continue reading

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Carnac – Eugène Guillevic (1961)

“Hard by the rugged coast of Brittany, there among menhirs, those megaliths that have gone on standing through all our history, a man confronts the sea. Toi, ce creux et definitive, he says. (You, this void, this trough–definitive.) Moi, qui … Continue reading

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