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Manchild in the Promised Land – Claude Brown (1965)

“Claude Brown’s Manchild in the Promised Land appeared at a pivotal political and cultural moment in the United States fifty years ago. 1965 saw the murder of Malcolm X, the eruption of the Watts uprising, a great escalation of direct … Continue reading

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‘Take Beautiful Pictures of Our People’

Herman Howard’s “Sweet as a Peach,” 1963, emphasized the community’s energy. “Shawn Walker was up on 125th Street with Louis Draper and Ray Francis, hanging out and taking pictures. It was the summer of 1964 and the friends, in their … Continue reading

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Taller Boricua: A Political Print Shop in New York

A print by Adrián García, an original member of the Puerto Rican Workshop. “In celebration of Taller Boricua’s 50th anniversary, El Museo del Barrio is pleased to present Taller Boricua: A Political Print Shop in New York, the first monograph exhibition … Continue reading

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Resistance: How—Not Whether—to Act

“I still believe that our cause (which is not only ours) is better taken up by the rebellious students than by the police, and, here in California, that is demonstrated to me almost daily,” wrote Herbert Marcuse (right) to his … Continue reading

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Protest Insurrection at Columbia: The Groovy Revolution

May 2, 1968: “You could tell something more than springtime was brewing at Columbia by the crowds around the local Chock Full, jumping and gesturing with more than coffee in their veins. You could sense insurrection in the squads of … Continue reading

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Spanish Harlem Style, 1960

Joe Cuba Sextet – Wanted Dead or Alive (1966) “In the summer of 1966, The Joe Cuba Sextet played a show in Asbury Park, a small seaside town in New Jersey known for its beachfront properties and country clubs. ‘It’s … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows My Name – James Baldwin (1961)

“Twelve years ago a young Negro writer named James Baldwin printed an impassioned essay. ‘Everybody’s Protest Novel,’ in which he attacked the kind of fiction from ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ to ‘Native Son,’ that had been written in America about the … Continue reading

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Harlem Is Nowhere – Ralph Ellison

“To live in Harlem is to dwell in the very bowels of the city; it is to pass a labyrinthine existence among streets that explode monotonously skyward with the spires and crosses of churches and clutter underfoot with garbage and … Continue reading

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Witnessed: The Assassination of Malcolm X (CNN), Who Killed Malcolm X (60mins)

“Almost 50 years ago, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, more popularly known as Malcolm X, who had risen to prominence as one of the most outspoken and public faces of the Nation of Islam, was gunned down inside the Audubon Ballroom in New … Continue reading

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Garbage Fires for Freedom: When Puerto Rican Activists Took Over New York’s Streets

During the Puerto Rican Day Parade, members of the Young Lords burned Mayor John Lindsay in effigy as they passed the reviewing stand at Fifth Avenue and 69th Street, according to the photographer’s notes. June 7, 1970. “Hiram Maristany laughs … Continue reading

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