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The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History

“Fred Hampton was the 21-year-old chief of staff and national spokesperson for the Black Panther Party when, on the morning of Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago police broke into his apartment and murdered him. Hampton was considered a charismatic danger by … Continue reading

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Anti-Imperialist Propaganda Posters from OSPAAAL

Nixon Tearing the Heart out of Indochina, 1971. Creator: René Mederos “On January 3, 1966, 513 delegates representing 83 groups from countries across Latin America, Asia, and Africa gathered in Havana, Cuba for the first Tricontinental Conference. The meeting was … Continue reading

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Habaneros – Julien Temple (2017)

“What does it mean to ‘tell’ Cuba? The foreigner perspective about such a particular reality necessarily imply a certain vision, but at the same time it can mean to have a different approach. And which is the best way, for … Continue reading

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JFK Assassination Song: “The Motorcade Sped On” by Steinski

“November 22, 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This post is part of a series that will run throughout this year focusing on songs that address the JFK assassination. ‘The Motorcade Sped … Continue reading

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The Realist

“The Realist was a pioneering magazine of ‘social-political-religious criticism and satire’, intended as a hybrid of a grown-ups version of Mad and Lyle Stuart‘s anti-censorship monthly The Independent. Edited and published by Paul Krassner, and often regarded as a milestone … Continue reading

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What Was the Protest Group Students for a Democratic Society? Five Questions Answered

Several hundred people affiliated with the SDS race through the Los Angeles Civic Center in a 1968 demonstration against the Vietnam war. “… 1. What were the goals of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) when it started? SDS wanted … Continue reading

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The Things We Knew Then: Vivid Then, Fading Now?

“1. James Forman was a. ’68 Olympic heavyweight champion b. national director of the Congress of Racial Equality c. a Czechoslovakian film director d. executive secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 2. In Easy Rider, Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, … Continue reading

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Free Speech Movement

In this Oct. 2, 1964 file photo, standing atop the crushed roof of a campus police car, a University of California student asks Cal students to identify themselves during third day of Free Speech Movement demonstrations in Berkeley, Calif. “The … Continue reading

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Who Was the Umbrella Man? | JFK Assassination Documentary

On the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Errol Morris explores the story behind the one man seen standing under an open black umbrella at the site. “For years, I’ve wanted to make a movie about … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing’s ‘Golden Notebook’ and Our Era of Unrest

“When Doris Lessing, the British-Zimbabwean novelist who died in 2013, sat down to write ‘The Golden Notebook’ in the 1950s, she was responding to a feeling of defeat in leftist circles, one similar to the whiplash experienced by liberals after … Continue reading

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