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The Village Voice Reader: A Mixed Bag from the Greenwich Village Newspaper (1963)

“… ‘The Village Voice was originally conceived as a living, breathing attempt to demolish the notion that one needs to be a professional to accomplish something in a field as purportedly technical as journalism. It was a philosophical position. We … Continue reading

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Conversation in the Cathedral – Mario Vargas Llosa (1969)

“Few Latin American writers have attempted to create so ambitious and complicated a body of work as Mario Vargas Llosa. In one decade (his first novel was published in 1963) this 38‐year‐old Peruvian has published three long novels, two short … Continue reading

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Internationale Situationniste in English

“The Situationist International(SI) produced the journal Internationale Situationniste between 1958 and 1969. It functioned as the movement’s main organ, and over 12 issues its pages documented the evolution of Situationist theory, the members’ thoughts on everyday life, and the internal/external … Continue reading

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Beautiful Losers – Leonard Cohen (1966)

“Beautiful Losers is the second and final novel by Canadian writer and musician Leonard Cohen. It was published in 1966, before he began his career as a singer-songwriter. Set in the Canadian province of Quebec, the story of 17th-century Mohawk … Continue reading

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Americana – Don DeLillo (1971)

“There is blood on the hands of the American soul. If we are born American citizens, we inherit this stain; but if we begin our lives elsewhere and then choose our American citizenship, we must absorb the stain as a … Continue reading

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The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam by Christopher Goscha – review

A destroyed French tank and an aircraft propeller that are still kept as war relics in the Dien Bien Phu valley. “In 40 years, the relationship between the United States and Vietnam has swung about as widely as is possible … Continue reading

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Sartre and Camus in New York

Albert Camus / Jean-Paul Sartre “In December 1944, Albert Camus, then editor of Combat, the main newspaper of the French Resistance, made Jean-Paul Sartre an offer he couldn’t refuse: the job of American correspondent. Perhaps, in light of the perpetual … Continue reading

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