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The San Francisco Poets – Edited by David Meltzer (1971)

“… The San Francisco Poets, edited by David Meltzer, has been with me since the day it came out. I was teaching a poetry course and it was popular then, wildly popular. I didn’t have to teach it as much … Continue reading

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“To say it country simple, most folks enjoy junk”: William S. Burroughs on addiction, rehab and Opium Jones

“I was on junk for almost 15 years. In that time I took 10 cures … In every case I relapsed at the first opportunity.” William S Burroughs: “Junk is a generic term for all habit-forming preparations and derivatives of … Continue reading

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After the Gold Rush – Neil Young (1970)

“Neil Young is one of those artists whose sound defies generalization. Never one to be boxed in, he has often followed up the success of one album with a left turn into different sounds or themes on the next. But … Continue reading

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Off-Off-Broadway, as Elegy

Ben Martin’s 1961 Caffe Cino “Nothing exists in a vacuum. A tenet of Hegelian and Marxist dialectics as much as quantum physics, each thing that exists is born in specific reaction to other existing entities. Nuclear reactions, political revolutions, and … Continue reading

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Elaine Summers

1960s. Courtesy the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. “Lillian Elaine Summers (February 20, 1925 – December 27, 2014) was an American choreographer, experimental filmmaker, and intermedia pioneer. She was a founding member … Continue reading

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J.R.R. Tolkien Tolkien Estate

‘The Hill: Hobbiton-across-the Water’ Explore Rarely-Seen Art by J. R. R. Tolkien in a New Web Site Created by the Tolkien Estate: “J. R. R. Tolkien managed to write the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which ought to be accomplishment … Continue reading

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Spy film

From Russia with Love (1963) “The spy film genre, also known sometimes as an espionage film, deals with the subject of fictional espionage, either in a realistic way (such as the adaptations of John le Carré) or as a basis … Continue reading

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Crossing Paths with the Spirit of Sylvia Plath – Helen Humphreys

“… At the ages of 20 and 21, I only had the company of one elderly and fairly misanthropic person. I saw my cousins sometimes, but mostly I was without the company of anyone my age, and I was still … Continue reading

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The Unfiltered History of Rolling Papers, Plus Tommy Chong’s Big Fat Jamaican Vacation

“It’s kind of ironic that Tommy Chong, the smokiest half of Cheech and Chong, is so closely associated with rolling papers. Sure the character he played on stage and in the movies was endlessly smoking fatties, and the comedy duo’s … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Sixties by Richard Goldstein

“The ’60s was was a decade without nostalgia, and thus a decade without irony. It’s only natural, then, that the current wave of nostalgia for the ’60s is suffused with irony — for we are looking back to a time … Continue reading

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