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Flashback: Good Humor delighted generations with its curbside delivery of ice cream bars — and not even the mob could stop it

Al Cooney loads ice cream into his Good Humor truck at the start of the season at the Good Humor offices at 4825 W. Arthington St. on April 1, 1965, in Chicago. “For Chicagoans of a certain age, the sound … Continue reading

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Trash, art, and the movies – Pauline Kael (1969)

“Like those cynical heroes who were idealists before they discovered that the world was more rotten than they had been led to expect, we’re just about all of us displaced persons, ‘a long way from home.’ When we feel defeated, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Women’s Liberation Movements in America – Alix Kates Shulman and Honor Moore

“During the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, feminist activism—richly diverse both in the women involved and in its aims, tone, and strategies—exploded in the United States and around the world, forever changing society by expanding the rights, opportunities, and identities available … Continue reading

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Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note…. LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka (1961)

“… An Introduction by William J. Harris. I am so delighted that Poets House’s online series Chapbooks of the Mimeo Revolution is making Amiri Baraka’s first book, Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note …., available again in its totality. … Continue reading

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The Unheralded Music of Detroit’s Strata Records

“In the late 1960s, Detroit was a simmering cauldron of frustration and righteous outrage. As Detroit’s famed auto industry hemorrhaged jobs, threatening the economic lifeblood of the Black working class, the response to police brutality and racism grew increasingly militant. … Continue reading

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Ingmar Bergman – Persona (1966)

“Persona is a 1966 Swedish psychological drama film, written and directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann. The story revolves around a young nurse named Alma (Andersson) and her patient, well-known stage actress Elisabet Vogler (Ullmann), … Continue reading

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What Was J. Edgar Hoover Biggest Secret that Could Have Destroyed Him?

“John Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was an American law enforcement administrator who served as the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States. He was appointed director of the Bureau of … Continue reading

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Strat-O-Matic Baseball

“Strat-O-Matic is a game company based in Glen Head, New York, that develops and publishes sports simulation games. … Strat-O-Matic began as a company in 1961, when Hal Richman, a Bucknell University mathematics student, began selling an early version of … Continue reading

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The Day of the Jackal – Frederick Forsyth (1971)

“The Day of the Jackal (1971) is a thriller novel by English author Frederick Forsyth about a professional assassin who is contracted by the OAS, a French dissident paramilitary organisation, to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France. The … Continue reading

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William S. Burroughs – A Word Is a Word Is a Collage (1965)

Experimental Artworks – Kunsthalle Vienna “… Voice dry as the voice of T.S. Eliot droning from a recording, accent still American after years away from America. Appearance as anonymous as a bank clerk’s, forgettable as a bank robber. Writer of … Continue reading

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