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Exploding Plastic Inevitable

It Happened in 1966: Andy Warhol’s Plastic Exploding Inevitable: “During 1965, Andy Warhol accelerated and amplified his scope to match the culture’s momentum. In October, he announced that he was leaving art and staged a happening: a 40-foot long silver balloon … Continue reading

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Emmett Grogan

“Emmett Grogan (born Eugene Leo Grogan, November 28, 1942 – April 6, 1978) was a founder of the Diggers, a radical community-action group of Improvisational actors in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. The Diggers took their name from the … Continue reading

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Black Mountain, Intermedia, Deep Image, Ethnopoetics

Robert Creeley and Dan Rice at Black Mountain College, 1955. “Among the several streams which made up the New American Poetry was a group known as the Black Mountain poets, so named for the experimental college in North Carolina where … Continue reading

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Fillmore Bill: Bill Graham’s Legacy

During the 1965 Mime Troupe arrest: from left to right: Bill Graham, Ron Davis, Luis Valdez, Paul Jacobs. “Bill Graham’s rise to fame coincided with (and is partly owed to) the heyday of late 60s counterculture movement and its music … Continue reading

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Poems Collected at Les Deux Mégots/Poets at Le Metro

Poets at Le Metro 19 (December 1964). “During the 1950s, East Tenth Street between Third and Fourth Avenues housed a number of art galleries exhibiting the most advanced art in America on a street that until then had been occupied … Continue reading

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Off-Off-Broadway, as Elegy

Ben Martin’s 1961 Caffe Cino “Nothing exists in a vacuum. A tenet of Hegelian and Marxist dialectics as much as quantum physics, each thing that exists is born in specific reaction to other existing entities. Nuclear reactions, political revolutions, and … Continue reading

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Thinking About the Sixties by Richard Goldstein

“The ’60s was was a decade without nostalgia, and thus a decade without irony. It’s only natural, then, that the current wave of nostalgia for the ’60s is suffused with irony — for we are looking back to a time … Continue reading

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The Digger Concept of ‘Free’ by Peter Coyote

Diggers Free City News proclaiming the “Death of Hippy” on October 6, 1967 “The original Digger movement began in England in April of 1649. Oliver ‘Ironsides’ Cromwell, executioner of King Charles I, was now the protector of the empire. Cromwell … Continue reading

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Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (1962-1965)

“In February of 1962 I was sitting in Stanley’s Bar at 12th and B with some friends from the Catholic Worker. We’d just seen Jonas Mekas’s movie Guns of the Trees, and I announced I was going to publish a … Continue reading

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Greenwich Village Theater in the 1960s

“… In the 1950s, the West Village and, later, the newly designated, edgier East Village (rebranded from the northern part of the Lower East Side around 1964) became the cradle of New York’s Beat generation, with its new, raw, and … Continue reading

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