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Student Peace Union

“Student Peace Union (SPU) was a nationwide student organization active on college campuses in the United States from 1959 to 1964. Its national headquarters were located near the campus of the University of Chicago. The SPU was founded by Ken … Continue reading

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Ramparts Vietnam Primer: “I Quit!” (1966)

“Few American magazines are agents of change. Most are chroniclers of their time and place, lightning rods rather than lightning. By the beginning of World War II, the press, and magazines in particular, were propaganda tools, whether they liked it … Continue reading

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My Own Mag

“In the introduction to the bibliography of his work prepared by Joe Maynard and Barry Miles, William Burroughs spoke about how the ‘little mags’ were a lifeline for him at a time when he had very few hopes for publishing … Continue reading

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Feds ‘N’ Heads

“Feds ‘N’ Heads is an underground comic book, created and self-published by Gilbert Shelton, which introduced the world to the Shelton characters Wonder Wart-Hog and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. In the spring of 1968, cartoonist Gilbert Shelton, already somewhat … Continue reading

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Kudzu, Mississippi’s Radical Underground Newspaper, 1968-1972

“‘Subterranean News from the Heart of Old Dixie,’ the radical counterculture newspaper published 1968-1972 in Jackson, Mississippi, presented by the Student News Project. The Kudzu was among the first underground papers published in the Deep South… in easily the last … Continue reading

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“The Helix was an American biweekly newspaper founded in 1967 after a series of organizational meetings held at the Free University of Seattle involving a large and eclectic group including Paul Dorpat, Tom Robbins, Lorenzo Milam and others from KRAB-FM, … Continue reading

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Miss America protest

“The Miss America protest was a demonstration held at the Miss America 1969 (September 7, 1968), sometimes known as No More Miss America! The protest was attended by about 400 feminists and separately, by civil rights advocates. The feminist protest, … Continue reading

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