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Frantz Fanon – The Political Writings from Alienation and Freedom

Fanon Can’t Save You Now: “The 23 essays that appear in The Political Writings were extracted from the collection of recently discovered writings by Frantz Fanon called Alienation and Freedom, first published in French in 2015. Edited by Jean Khalfa … Continue reading

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White Rabbit Press – Joe Dunn and Graham Mackintosh (1957–1972)

Stan Persky, Lives of the French Symbolist Poets (1967) “The first book of the White Rabbit Press was Boston poet Steve Jonas’s Love, the Poem, the Sea & Other Pieces Examined, published in 1957 with a cover by San Francisco … Continue reading

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The Golden Spur – Dawn Powell (1962)

In Search Of a Father By Morris Gilbert (1962): “Dawn Powell for some decades has been whipping up successive human comedies of the most fastidious disenchantment. With her, the comic spirit is a mordant one; her knowingness is proverbially satanic. … Continue reading

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The Price – Arthur Miller (1967)

“The Price is a two-act play written in 1967 by Arthur Miller. It is about family dynamics, the price of furniture and the price of one’s decisions. The play premiered on Broadway in 1968, and has been revived four times … Continue reading

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Jean Genet on the Hidden Heart of Jean Cocteau

Chicago, 1968 “Greek [Grec]! The dry elegance of this word, its brevity, its rupture even, a little abrupt, are the qualities that can be readily applied to Jean Cocteau. The word is already a fastidious work of cutting: thus it … Continue reading

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The Baseball Encyclopedia

“The Baseball Encyclopedia is a baseball reference book first published by Macmillan in 1969. Nine further editions of the book were released between 1974 and 1996. The Baseball Encyclopedia features statistical summaries for Major League Baseball (MLB) players.  Baseball reference … Continue reading

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Stewart Brand Saw the Future

“You may have heard the just-so story about environmentalism as we know it. On Christmas Eve 1968, an astronaut aboard NASA’s Apollo 8 spacecraft took a photograph of the faraway surface of a green-and-blue, cloud-marbled planet known to its English-speaking … Continue reading

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A Special New, Two-Volume Collection of Philip K. Dick Stories Comes Illustrated by 24 Different Artists

“Philip K. Dick’s multiple worlds have appeared in increasingly better editions since the author passed away in 1982. In the 21st century, respectable hardbacks and quality paper have fully replaced yellowed, pulpy pages. Maybe no edition yet is more attractive … Continue reading

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Paul Bowles: Time Traveling with Musical Recordings from Mid-20th-Century Morocco

Paul Bowles’s VW bug along a Morocco mountain road, with a small group “If you’re unfamiliar with Paul Bowles and hoping to get a primer, this article will only lead you further astray. It won’t help you understand his writing … Continue reading

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195: Ramparts Press – Josh MacPhee

“I’m going to try to be a little less complete-ist than I’ve been in the past, hopefully making these posts a bit easier to compile. To that end, this is hardly the complete output of Ramparts Press, but a dozen … Continue reading

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