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Thomas Merton

“Thomas Merton OCSO (January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist and scholar of comparative religion. On May 26, 1949, he was ordained to the Catholic priesthood and given the … Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of the Democratic Party – Murray Kempton (Nov. 1968)

“… We had arrived at 18th and Michigan, where the [national] guard and the police waited to say we could not go farther. The delegates had all found us and efficiently lined up behind Rev. Richard Neuhaus and me, since, … Continue reading

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CORE in Brooklyn: A Small Army on the Move (April 21, 1964)

“‘We have a hymn—Like a Mighty Army Moves the Church. Brooklyn CORE is not a mighty army. It’s a small army — but it moves.’ The speaker was the Rev. Dr. Milton A. Galamison, who vowed last summer never to … Continue reading

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Robert Penn Warren – Who Speaks for the Negro? (1965)

“In 1965, Random House published Robert Penn Warren’s book titled Who Speaks for the Negro? In preparation for writing the volume, Warren traveled throughout the United States in early 1964 and spoke with large numbers of men and women who … Continue reading

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Regina King – One Night in Miami … (2020) Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke

“Regina King’s feature-film directorial debut, One Night in Miami . . . (2020), persuasively envisions an astonishing true-life convergence of Black heroes at a portentous mid-twentieth-century juncture in American life. In doing so, the movie brings forth its own array of astonishments, not the … Continue reading

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When Martin Luther King Came to Harlem

“Less than a year before his assassination, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. came to Harlem. In the June 22, 1967, Village Voice, contributor Marlene Nadle observed the crowd anxiously awaiting the Baptist minister’s arrival: ‘Using programs folded accordion style instead … Continue reading

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“Oz was an independently published, alternative/underground magazine associated with the international counterculture of the 1960s. While it was first published in Sydney in 1963, a parallel version of Oz was published in London from 1967. The Australian magazine was published … Continue reading

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My Three Powerfully Effective Commandments by Ingmar Bergman (Summer 1970 Issue)

“Experience should be gained before one reaches forty, so a wise man has said. After forty it is permissible for one to comment. I venture to say that the reverse might apply in my case. No one under forty was … Continue reading

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Saint John Coltrane: The San Francisco Church Built On A Love Supreme

“Little of San Francisco today is as it was half a century ago. But at the corner of Turk Boulevard and Lyon Street stands a true survivor: the Church of St. John Coltrane. Though officially founded in 1971, the roots … Continue reading

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The Trials of Muhammad Ali – Bill Siegel (2013)

“Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay, was not the only American to refuse to serve during the Vietnam War, but he was, by some measures, the most famous, the loudest and the baddest. Tracing the road to Mr. Ali’s act of … Continue reading

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