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The Midnight Hour: The Watts Uprising – Mike Davis

“1965 will be the longest and hottest and bloodiest year of them all. It has to be, not because you want it to be, or I want it to be, or we want it to be, but because the conditions … Continue reading

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The Complete Stax / Volt Singles: 1959–1968

“Understanding the music from Stax is easy, understand the business of Stax could probably take you a lifetime, as the label has been intermixed not only with the old Atlantic record label, Gulf Western, Concord Records but that of the … Continue reading

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Wayne Shorter, Innovator During an Era of Change in Jazz, Dies at 89

Wayne Shorter emerged in the 1960s as a tenor saxophonist and in-house composer for Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and the Miles Davis Quintet. “Wayne Shorter, the enigmatic, intrepid saxophonist who shaped the color and contour of modern jazz as one … Continue reading

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Archie Shepp – Fire Music (1965)

“.. Fire Music must be one of  Shepp’s most interesting albums, blistering and intense,  a half-way house between Free and the Avant Garde. The musical territory ranges from the haunting recitation and requiem for Malcolm X (quick history lesson here, it is … Continue reading

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Folksangere TV: A Danish TV documentary on the London folk scene of 1966/67.

Bert Jansch “… It’s no surprise that in 1967, when a team from Denmark’s Folksangere TV programme arrived in London looking for the epicentre of the folk guitar explosion, they were swiftly sent to see Bert (Jansch) and John (Renbourn). … Continue reading

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“Shindig! is an American musical variety series which aired on ABC from September 16, 1964 to January 8, 1966. The show was hosted by Jimmy O’Neill, a disc jockey in Los Angeles, who also created the show along with his … Continue reading

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The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

“The Beatles made several appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, including three in February 1964 that were among their first appearances in front of an American audience. Their first appearance, on February 9, was seen by a then-record 73 million … Continue reading

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“ZigZag was a British rock music magazine. It was started by Pete Frame and the first edition was published on 16 April 1969. The magazine was noted for its interviews, articles, innovative ‘rock family trees’ by Frame, and support for … Continue reading

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The Impressions – This Is My Country (1968)

“… These statistics would have made disheartening, if familiar reading to the late Curtis Mayfield. As a driving force in black music from the early ’60s through the mid-’70s, he was a seasoned documentor of the struggle of black Americans … Continue reading

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1960 Jazz: Argo Records

“In 1956 Chess Records, famous for its blues, rhythm and blues and early rock and roll albums, established a new label named Argo. Chess was looking to release pop music with this label via a different distribution channel than its … Continue reading

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