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“How Do You Sleep?” – John Lennon (1971 )

“‘How Do You Sleep?’ is a song by English rock musician John Lennon from his 1971 album Imagine. The song makes angry and scathing remarks aimed at his former Beatles bandmate and songwriting partner, Paul McCartney. Lennon wrote the song … Continue reading

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Detroit Artist’s Workshop

Red Door Gallery – 1964 Archie Shepp: “On November 1st, the Detroit Artist’s Workshop, now defunct, celebrated its tenth anniversary. Not exactly an earth-shattering event, this anniversary, but one with great significance for those of us whose daily cultural practice … Continue reading

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Sounds of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel (1966)

“Sounds of Silence is the second studio album by American folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, released on January 17, 1966. The album’s title is a slight modification of the title of the duo’s first major hit, ‘The Sound of … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – Travelin’ Thru, 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15

“Since its inception in 1991, The Bootleg Series of Bob Dylan has evolved to the point where each successive release has become distinct and complete unto itself. Yet Vol. 15  is something of an exception to that rule because its … Continue reading

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Paul Bowles: Time Traveling with Musical Recordings from Mid-20th-Century Morocco

Paul Bowles’s VW bug along a Morocco mountain road, with a small group “If you’re unfamiliar with Paul Bowles and hoping to get a primer, this article will only lead you further astray. It won’t help you understand his writing … Continue reading

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OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980

“… Music has been affected no less drastically. As Brian Eno points out in his forward to the recently reissued and expanded OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 3xCD box set (now with the addition of a DVD, and … Continue reading

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Where’s the Revolutionary Punch? Richard Fariña’s Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me at 50

Mimi and Richard Fariña, at the Newport Folk Festival in July 1965. “On May 23, 1958, Cornell University’s serene, gorge-encircled campus exploded in anarchic student demonstrations that presaged the widespread campus upheaval of the 1960s. Less disciplined and more inward-looking … Continue reading

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The Basketball Diaries – Jim Carroll

“Fall 1963. It was the warmest Oct. day out that I ever saw today, so we skipped practice (Tony and Yogi and I) and we decided to take a little ride down to the ferry and over to Staten Island. … Continue reading

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Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night

“… Black & White Night was filmed September 30, 1987 at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles.  Orbison was in the beginning of a career resurgence during this period after his song ‘In Dreams’ was featured in David Lynch’s 1986 … Continue reading

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Diaries, 1970–73 – Duncan Hannah

September 1970. Eisenhower High School. I can’t get into the teen spirit of the Hopkins High pep rally. Purple Power! Youth Fever! Sieg Heil! Makes me sick. “I put out a comic book with some other freaks that is sold … Continue reading

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