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The World – Edited by Joel Sloman, Anne Waldman, and others

Anne Waldman, ed., The World Anthology: Poems from the St. Mark’s Poetry Project (1969) “In the Spring of 1966, I couldn’t wait to graduate from Bennington, and get back ‘home’ (which meant Macdougal Street and subsequently St. Mark’s Place) and the … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Pablo Neruda – Pablo Neruda (2005)

“‘In his work a continent awakens to consciousness,’ wrote the Swedish Academy in awarding the Nobel Prize to Pablo Neruda, author of more than thirty-five books of poetry and one of Latin America’s most revered writers and political figures-a loyal … Continue reading

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A Checklist Of Goliard Press (London 1965–7)

“If Matrix Press can be considered Raworth’s incunabular period, the Renaissance flowering of his career as a printer began when he started collaborating with artist Barry Hall at Goliard Press in 1965. For those old enough to remember, the ‘Summer … Continue reading

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“Umbra was a collective of young black writers based in Manhattan‘s Lower East Side that was founded in 1962. Umbra was one of the first post-civil rights Black literary groups to make an impact as radical in the sense of … Continue reading

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Ezra Pound, The Art of Poetry No. 5 (1962)

Interviewed by Donald Hall : “Since his return to Italy, Ezra Pound has spent most of his time in the Tirol, staying at Castle Brunnenburg with his wife, his daughter Mary, his son-in-law Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, and his grandchildren. … Continue reading

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James Schuyler in the Spotlight

“… I’m a theater guy. In my field, in my business, when a character addresses the audience, there are two options: he or she is on the stage itself, in front of us, telling a story (see Our Town, Swimming … Continue reading

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A Different Tuning: Jean Follain

“I own one book I’d truly grieve losing, D’Après Tout by Jean Follain. My reasons are partly sentimental—I went to great trouble to get the book, and it found me when I felt lost in my writing life. Most of … Continue reading

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Found in an NYC Junk Shop: Forgotten Postcards between Two Haiku Masters

“Found at the bottom of an old mailbox in a New York antiques store, what’s written on the back of these postcards perfectly captures the iconic arts scene in New York’s early 1960s– a city that was hosting the likes … Continue reading

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J – Jack Spicer, Fran Herndon art editor San Francisco, Nos., 1–8 (1959–61)

“In many ways the most beautiful of all the mimeo magazines, J had an eight-issue run. The first five issues were edited from North Beach bars by Jack Spicer with Fran Herndon as art editor. Spicer, who embodied the spirit … Continue reading

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Black Mountain, Intermedia, Deep Image, Ethnopoetics

Robert Creeley and Dan Rice at Black Mountain College, 1955. “Among the several streams which made up the New American Poetry was a group known as the Black Mountain poets, so named for the experimental college in North Carolina where … Continue reading

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