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The Invention of Mid-Century Cool

“Between 1951, when Barney Rosset purchased it for $3000, and 1970, Grove Press became a veritable communications center for the counterculture, defined in many ways by the visual sensibility of legendary cover designer Roy Kuhlman. Rosset shared Kuhlman’s aesthetic taste—which … Continue reading

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The New York School: Second and Third Generations

Best and Company picnic. Photograph by L. Fagin taken at the Staten Island Ballfield, Easter Sunday, 1968. … “Some of the great New York–based magazines were ‘C,’ Fuck You/ a magazine of the arts, Mother, Angel Hair, The World, 0 … Continue reading

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Origin – Cid Corman

“Around 1950, while living in New Hampshire, Robert Creeley abandoned plans for his yet-to-be-launched little magazine. Among the material he had already gathered was work from poet Cid Corman, who was then hosting a weekly radio show in Boston entitled … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Novelist Gilbert Sorrentino’s Bay Ridge

“Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in the southwestern corner of Brooklyn. Unless you’re from Bay Ridge, or maybe the next neighborhood over, you probably don’t know much about it, or even that it exists; it’s avoided the coolification that has … Continue reading

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Art and Literature – John Ashbery, Anne Dunn, Rodrigo Moynihan, and Sonia Orwell. Paris (1964–67)

“On Monday, November 5th, I attended the John Ashbery reading at the Folger Library in Washington DC. I found out about it at the last minute and assumed that it would be sold out (like a Ferlinghetti reading years before) … Continue reading

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Black Arts Movement

Amiri Baraka (center) and Yusef Iman (second from left) with musicians and actors of the black arts movement, Spirit House, Newark, New Jersey, 1966 “The Black Arts Movement (or BAM) was an African American-led art movement, active during the 1960s … Continue reading

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Gary Snyder – Myths & Texts (1960)

“Published in 1960 by Totem Press, Gary Snyder’s Myths & Texts (completed in 1956) gives the first indication that his career would be devoted to the long poem as well as the short poem. Anthologized as the author of lyrics … Continue reading

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