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Free Schools – Jonathan Kozol (1972)

“Free Schools is a pragmatic and polemical sequel to Jonathan Kozol’s National Book Award‐winning Death at an Early Age. In the latter, Kozol described his brief career as an innovative teacher in the Boston Public Schools and his confrontations with … Continue reading

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Poetry Readings/Reading Poetry in the San Francisco Bay Area; Poems in Street, Coffeehouse, and Print—The Mid-1960s; The Language in Trouble—The Late 1960s, etc.

Beatniks on parade 1958. “Part I. In 1958, in Richmond, across the bay from San Francisco, I was in the twelfth grade. In Mrs. Weatherby’s English class, a history of literature, the mandatory play was Hamlet. We had come to … Continue reading

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My Three Powerfully Effective Commandments by Ingmar Bergman (Summer 1970 Issue)

“Experience should be gained before one reaches forty, so a wise man has said. After forty it is permissible for one to comment. I venture to say that the reverse might apply in my case. No one under forty was … Continue reading

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The Manifesto of the 121: French Intellectuals and Decolonization

“As I learned this morning from my Verso Radical Diary, The Manifesto of the 121 was signed on this date in 1960: ‘The Manifesto of the 121 (Full title: Déclaration sur le droit à l’insoumission dans la guerre d’Algérie or … Continue reading

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What Biden is keeping secret in the JFK files

Part of a file from the CIA released by the National Archives in 2017, dated Oct. 10, 1963, details “a reliable and sensitive source in Mexico” report of Lee Harvey Oswald’s contact with the Soviet Union embassy in Mexico City. … Continue reading

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The Birth of Loop by Michael Peters

Brian Eno – Decay and Delay, a 1968 score involving three tape recorders “This page tries to summarize the steps in the history of music which led to the distinct style and technology of Looping Music. Looping Music today typically … Continue reading

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Deafman Glance – Robert Wilson (1971)

“When Robert Wilson’s work  first appeared internationally it was generally seen from a single and limited viewpoint—as a return to the image. Wilson was understood as a proponent of two-dimensional theater, of theater to be looked at only. This was … Continue reading

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He’s a poet and the FBI know it: how John Giorno’s Dial-a-Poem alarmed the Feds

‘A poignant expression of the need and loneliness of people’ … John Giorno’s Dial-A-Poem in 1970. “In 1968, the poet and visual artist John Giorno was on the telephone when he was hit with an idea. It came to him … Continue reading

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The Mimic Men – V. S. Naipaul (1967)

“Inevitably, a simple synopsis of V. S. Naipaul’s new novel must, by creating the impression of alternatively rolling and thundering action, wholly distort its nature and quality. The scene shifts from rooming-house London to the Caribbean island of ‘Isabella,’ a … Continue reading

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Frantz Fanon: The Brightness of Metal

After Frantz Fanon died in 1961, his body was carried across the border from Tunisia to be buried in Algeria. “Frantz Fanon was born on the Caribbean island of Martinique on 25 July 1925. He died in the United States, … Continue reading

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