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Ode to Billie Joe – Bobbie Gentry (1967)

“Money, Mississippi, has a population of about 100. The settlement is famous for two things. One is real: in 1955, a 14-year-old boy, Emmett Till, was lynched, a murder referred to in songs by The Staple Singers and Bob Dylan. … Continue reading

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Driving by the Lake With John Ashbery

“It was convenient for John Ashbery, and dumb luck for me, that I was living in Rochester and could pick him up at the airport whenever he arrived from New York to visit his mother. Sometimes, because he didn’t like … Continue reading

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Jimbo’s Bop City

“Bop City (also known as Jimbo’s Bop City) was a jazz club operated by John ‘Jimbo’ Edwards in San Francisco from 1949 to 1965. It was situated in the back room of a Victorian house at 1690 Post Street, in … Continue reading

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Meaning might be ceaselessly deferred along a signifying chain … cog-dog-log … without any possibility of an ultimate destination. “Post-structuralism is a term for philosophical and literary forms of theory that both build upon and reject ideas established by structuralism, … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The American Underground Film (1967)

“This is the fourth entry in my continuing series on classic texts on underground filmmaking. Previous entries are: Midnight Movies by J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum; Movie Journal: The Rise Of The New American Cinema 1959-1971 by Jonas Mekas; and … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan: Brecht of the Juke Box, Poet of the Electric Guitar by Jack Newfield (January 1967)

“Norman Morrison burned himself to death to protest the Viet­nam war, and when reporters visited his spare room they saw quotes from Bob Dylan scrawled on the peeling walls. Students at the University of California have organized a non-credit seminar … Continue reading

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Edward Albee’s Vortex of Violence (January 18, 1964)

In this May 2, 1967, file photo, playwright Edward Albee, winner of the 1967 Pulitzer Prize for drama, for his play “A Delicate Balance,” talks to reporters during a news conference at the Cherry Lane Theater in the Greenwich Village … Continue reading

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Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts (1962-1965)

“In February of 1962 I was sitting in Stanley’s Bar at 12th and B with some friends from the Catholic Worker. We’d just seen Jonas Mekas’s movie Guns of the Trees, and I announced I was going to publish a … Continue reading

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Did John F. Kennedy and the Democrats Steal the 1960 Election?

Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy debate during the 1960 election. “For Richard Nixon, the holiday season of 1960 was a sullen affair. Weeks before, on Nov. 8, he had lost an exceedingly close presidential election to Senator John F. … Continue reading

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Foreword to Ariel: The Restored Edition written by Frieda Hughes

“The Restored Edition of Ariel by my mother, Sylvia Plath, exactly follows the arrangement of her last manuscript as she left it. As her daughter I can only approach it, and its divergence from the first United Kingdom publication of … Continue reading

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