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Richard Avedon: Murals & Portraits

Richard Avedon photographing SNCC demonstrators, March 1963 “Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Richard Avedon’s legendary photographic murals and related portraits. The exhibition has been drawn from the collection of and developed in collaboration with The Richard … Continue reading

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Latin Liberation News Service: The Newspapers of the Young Lords Organization

“The Young Lords began in 1959 as a street gang in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. By the end of the next decade it had transformed into an explosive social movement rooted in communities across the country. After reorganizing and formally … Continue reading

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“… For six years during that era, a small-circulation newspaper, THE MOVEMENT, was published each month in San Francisco and distributed nationwide. At its peak, it produced a 25,000 copy press run with 2,500 paid subscriptions. Of the many “underground … Continue reading

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Merging of Messages, Proliferation of Protest (May 2, 1968)

“I remember a year ago, when the march began in the Sheep Meadow, and the people walked through the midtown streets until they came to the plaza of the United Nations to hear the man they now mourn repeat as … Continue reading

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Help Save Your Children – Johanna Fernández

Puerto Ricans demonstrate for civil rights at City Hall in Manhattan, 1967. “Identified as a distinct condition in the first decade of the twentieth century, childhood lead poisoning, more serious and potentially fatal than its counterpart among adults, is usually … Continue reading

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New York City school boycott

“The New York City school boycott, known as Freedom Day, was a mass boycott and demonstration on February 3, 1964 to protest segregation in the New York City public school system. Students and teachers stayed out of public schools to … Continue reading

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Uncovering the Truth About a Raid on the Black Panthers

“The call came in the early morning hours of December 4, 1969. ‘Come to the crib’ was the command. ‘The police have murdered Chairman Fred.’ I was a second-year law student at Northwestern Law School, working with a group of … Continue reading

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