Existential Comics

“Portland-based software developer Corey Mohler never took a philosophy class in college. But when it comes to popular philosophy, his Existential Comics rule the Internet. He’s made well over 100 of them since 2013, encompassing thinkers from the pre-Socratic Greeks to contemporary philosophers like Peter Singer and Robert Nozick. The existentialists do tend to appear the most, as you’d expect from the site’s name (and the fact that its logo is a cartoon of Jean-Paul Sartre), but Mohler showcases an extensive knowledge of every topic his works cover. Most importantly, he shares that knowledge easily and openly with uninitiated readers. You can click a ‘Didn’t Get The Joke?’ tab below each comic for a brief explanation of the concepts that comic explores, and on the blog section of the website, there’s an excellent beginner’s guide to philosophy—what books to read, how to read them, and other web resources to explore. Of course, Existential Comics wouldn’t be nearly as effective at spurring an appreciation of philosophy if they weren’t so damn funny. Here, we’ve collected ten of the best panels from the collection (with brief explanations of each) to give you a taste of the full site. …”
Paste – Existential Comics: The Best And Funniest Way To Learn Philosophy On The Internet
Existential Comics: Archive
W – Existential Comics
Existential Comics: Interview with Corey Mohler

Permanent Link to this Comic: https://existentialcomics.com/comic/310

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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