Clarence Carter – “Back Door Santa” (1968)

“A slice of greasy blues soul that draws from the Willie Dixon classic ‘Back Door Man,’ Clarence Carter’s ‘Back Door Santa,’ co-written with Marcus Daniel for the 1968 compilation Soul Christmas, adds a touch of raunch to the holiday celebrations. ‘I ain’t like old Saint Nick,’ Carter barks over a bleating horn section and chopping funk guitar, ‘he don’t come but once a year. I come runnin’ with my presents every time you call me dear.’ By 1968, Clarence Carter was no stranger to the cheating oeuvre, having scored a Top 6 pop hit in 1967 with the breathtaking ‘Slip Away‘ – two impeccably crafted minutes of Muscle Shoals soul that masterfully balances regret, longing and lust on the rough edge of Carter’s pleading, powerful voice. … Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Joe Tex, Arthur Alexander, Percy Sledge and countless others recorded signature, career-defining songs there, backed by a legendary house band that included Chips Moman, Spooner Oldham, Travis Wammack, Joe South and at times a young Duane Allman. At FAME, Carter went from the ridiculous (‘Making Love at the Dark End of the Street,’ a monologue spoken over the James Carr classic that has to be heard to be believed) to the sublime (‘Slip Away’ and ‘Too Weak to Fight‘ which went to No. 13). ‘Back Door Santa’ followed the FAME hits, and preceded Carter’s sentimental ‘Patches.’ From there, Carter’s material took a decidedly adult turn. ‘Back Door Santa’ might have been racy compared to ‘Slip Away’ and other early Carter hits, but it was positively nothing compared to what was coming. As Carter moved into the ‘70s and early ‘80s, he embraced the kind of bawdy, innuendo-laden, comical, good time roadhouse sex funk that made underground powerhouse performers like Marvin Sease and Bobby Rush gritty and beloved icons. …”
The BMI Holiday Countdown: Clarence Carter, “Back Door Santa” (Video)
W – Clarence Carter
YouTube: Back Door Santa (1968), Duane Allman (With Clarence Carter) – The Road Of Love, Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street), Slip Away, Too Weak to Fight
***YouTube: Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Phil Spector , Cheech & Chong – Santa Claus and his Old Lady

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