Belted, Booted and Buckled: B-Movie Title Design of the 1960s

The Golden Age of the American B-Movie Title Sequence – Part 2: The End of the Production Code. “The ’60s were a time of change, not only in politics and social norms, but also the arts, and cinema in particular. Hitchcock’s Psycho, released in 1960, became the first box office blockbuster to be distributed without official approval from the Motion Pictures Distributors Association of America (MPDAA), which set rigid guidelines for sex and violence in American film. … Thus began a decade-long game of chicken between Hollywood and its patrons, each prodding the other to their limits. The censorship goalposts were pushed so far back as to be lost in the fog of America’s ongoing free speech debate. The censors became so marginalized by this cinematic machismo, and so overwhelmed by the explosion of art house films and venues, that they could simply no longer hold the line. In time, the MPDAA would be replaced by the three Bs of B-flicks: Blood, Beasts and Breasts. The social upheaval of the ’60s angled the film industry to favor reality over fantasy, with topics like sex, violence, race, sociopathy, and outsider culture increasingly winning out over science fiction, creature features, and other atomic age folderol from the ’50s. So it’s no surprise that the B-industry embraced — and often pioneered — this new wave of American low-budget vérité, itself having claimed rights to the territory long before Hollywood. As with the films themselves, B-movie title sequences of the ’60s were an open and evolving field, inviting a wide range of artists and craftspeople to the trade, from cel animators and VFX directors to album cover and poster designers. Driven to innovation more by necessity than choice, this new generation of designers built on the modern template established in the ’50s while embracing new technologies, trends, and techniques. …”
Art of the Title (Video)
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About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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