The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire (2021), The History of Jazz (2021) – Ted Gioia

“A few days ago, the revised and expanded edition of my book The Jazz Standards was published by Oxford University Press. I’ve never had more fun writing a book than in creating this guide to the jazz repertoire—which covers 267 essential songs. These were songs that I first learned in my earliest days as a jazz musician, and they’ve remained familiar friends over the decades. The first edition of The Jazz Standards, published in 2011, earned praise from Sonny Rollins, Dave Brubeck, Lee Konitz, and other jazz luminaries—a tough audience to please, because they know these songs intimately. I must have done something right to get their approval. But the full range of the response to The Jazz Standards went far beyond my expectations. In fact, more readers contacted me in response to this book than about anything I’ve ever published. These were more than fan letters, but smart responses from readers who also felt a deep affinity for the jazz repertoire, and had things to tell me. Many shared new information on the jazz songs I’d written about in the book, some of them providing details never previously published. I started taking notes of all the new stuff I wish I had included in the book. Meanwhile my own further research gave me additional insights into these old jazz songs. I gradually realized that a revised edition was warranted—a move that would also give me a chance to include additional songs. Oxford University Press gave me the green light to pursue this updated and expanded edition, much to my delight. We decided to pursue it in tandem with the new third edition of The History of Jazz, which was published in March. I suggested that we release these two updated books as companion volumes, which the new cover designs (below) convey. …”
Special Bonus: A Look at the Expanded 2021 Edition of The Jazz Standards
NPR: Re-Revising ‘The History Of Jazz’
Ted Gioia
amazon: The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire, The History of Jazz

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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