Mimi & Richard Fariña: The Complete Vanguard Recordings

The Complete Vanguard Recordings is comprised of the first two albums of Richard and Mimi Fariña and an alternate version of the third album, Memories, with nine bonus tracks from the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. Older fans who have waited decades for any new material by Richard and Mimi will cherish these live, longer versions of Fariña favorites like ‘Bold Marauder’ and ‘Pack Up Your Sorrows’ (the latter with Peter Yarrow). The guest appearance of Jean Ritchie on ‘Shady Grove’ (from a dulcimer workshop) is an extra special treat. But despite the title of The Complete Vanguard Recordings, the box set has some omissions that you should know about. It doesn’t contain any of the alternate versions released as 45s (‘Reno Nevada’/’One Way Ticket’ and ‘Pack Up Your Sorrows’/’Joy ‘Round My Brain’). Nor does it have the alternate version of ‘Tuileries’ that was included on the Pack Up Your Sorrows anthology just two years earlier. And it’s a little disappointing that there were no other versions of songs in the form of demos or alternate studio takes, since some of these are known or rumored to exist. Furthermore, the two Newport tracks that were included on the original Memories— “House Un-American Blues Activity Dream” and the medley ‘Dopico’/’Celebrations for a Grey Day’–are not included, although the misleading liner notes claims that they are. Newport performances of those songs are on this disc, but they are not the same versions as the ones on Memories. All the new material is excellent–maybe even worth the price of the whole box set, depending on how much of a Fariña fanatic you are–but all these omissions are disappointing. Some clarification is required to sort out all these different versions: The Fariñas performed at three different events at the Newport Folk Festival of 1965: The Contemporary Songs workshop and the Dulcimer Workshop (both on Saturday), and the New Folks concert on Sunday, the latter being the legendary rainy concert described by Hajdu and fondly recalled by Pete Seeger, Theo Bikel, and so many others. I believe the two tracks included on the original Memories (‘House Un-American’ and the medley ‘Dopico’/’Celebration’) are from the rainy concert, as one can hear Peter Yarrow telling people to move the equipment out of the rain, and he jokes that ‘It is not raining.’ …”
Richard and Mimi
W – Mimi Fariña, W – Richard Fariña
YouTube: Leaving California (One-Way Ticket), Pack Up Your Sorrows (Live), Morgan The Pirate, Mainline Prosperity Blues

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Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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