Some/thing – Jerome Rothenberg/David Antin (1965–68)

David Antin’s first separate book was in preparation at Hawk’s Well Press (Definitions was ultimately published by Caterpillar in 1967) when he joined with veteran poet and editor Jerome Rothenberg to create Some/thing. The first issue, published by Rothenberg’s Hawk’s Well Press in New York in the spring of 1965, leads off with ‘Aztec Definitions: Found Poems from the Florentine Codex,’ translated from Bernardino de Sahagun’s General History of the Things of New Spain. The issue also includes work by Paul Blackburn, Anselm Hollo, Diane Wakoski, and Rothenberg, deep image poets all, and, on red paper, ‘The Presidents of the United States,’ the first series, including Washington through Fillmore, of one of Jackson Mac Low’s chance compositions. Carolee Schneemann’s ‘Meatjoy,’ with pictures from the performance at the Judson Memorial Theater in October 1964, is the highlight of the second issue, which includes a cover picture of a sculpture by Robert Morris. Issue three, with a yellow perforated sticker cover by Andy Warhol, is devoted to ‘A Vietnam Assemblage.’ Published in 1966, early in the Vietnam War, it includes Allen Ginsberg’s long poem ‘Who Be Kind To’ (‘Be kind to yourself, it is only one and perishable of many on the planet’) and works by Mac Low and others, interspersed with quotations from newspapers, magazines, and photo captions from the Associated Press and elsewhere. The last, double issue of Summer 1968, with a cover by Fluxus artist George Maciunas, integrated the deep image poets with the performance poets; it includes Clayton Eshleman’s ‘Travel Journal in Peru,’ from October 1965, as well as five poems by Margaret Randall, editor of El Corno Emplumado, and one by Carol Bergé, editor of Center. It also contains Rothenberg’s ’Doings’ and ‘Happenings’: Notes on a Performance of the Seneca Eagle Dance.’ All the issues of Some/thing feature a log taken from a Southwestern Indian drawing described by the editors as an emblem for the magazine: ‘a Pima drawing: of the pathways: searchings: stopping places: where the god has stopped: a wave length: energy: cessation: strife: emergence into: something.’ …”
from a secret location
Raphaël Pirenne some/thing

Some/thing 3 (vol. 2, no. 1) (Winter 1966). Cover by Andy Warhol.

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Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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