Best Psychedelic Albums: 30 Essential Records To Expand Your Mind

“Look up the word ‘psychedelic’ in the dictionary, and one of the first definitions will be ‘mind expanding’. That’s what all of the best psychedelic albums have in common. Most were made during the golden era of 1966-1968, but quite a few came along later. Some were made in the psych epicentres of San Francisco and Los Angeles, others are from as far afield as Brazil, Texas and the UK. Some were clearly acid-inspired, but at least one was made by an artist (Prince) who never indulged in hallucinogenics. Some fit the classic model of psychedelic music, while others are just spiritually related to the scene. All of them are, however, guaranteed to take your head to places it never went before. … 25: Donovan: Sunshine Superman (1966). Donovan gets dismissed in some quarters (not least from Bob Dylan in Dont Look Back) as a lightweight, but, hey – it’s not his fault that he had a good time in the 60s and came out unscathed. There are some truly heavyweight songs in his most psychedelic-leaning album, Sunshine Superman, including the indelible single and self-explanatory ‘The Trip’. Other cuts include the San Francisco ode ‘Fat Angel’ (which salutes Jefferson Airplane, who later covered it) and the oft-covered ‘Season Of The Witch’, which predicts the time when hippies would start trying to make it rich. … 14: Dr John: Gris-Gris (1968). On this classic debut album, Dr John realised that the spiritual imagery of psychedelia and New Orleans’ voodoo weren’t far apart. Working with the cream of Crescent City session men, he came up with a spooky and funky sound unlike any heard before, and created a memorable character to go with it. If ‘I Walk On Gilded Splinters’ isn’t psych, we don’t know what is. Fun fact: the entire album was financed by money that Dr John and his arranger had made on Sonny & Cher sessions. … 4: The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland (1968). Jimi Hendrix was psychedelic by his very existence, and the expansive double-album Electric Ladyland brought you further inside his head (and closer to other parts of his anatomy) than any other record. The blues are epic, the rockers furious and the side trips (like most of Side Three on the original vinyl) lead to uncharted territory. On ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’, he demonstrates that the imagery of blues lyrics was always psychedelic to begin with. …”
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