Repulsion- Roman Polanski (1965)

Repulsion is a 1965 British psychological horror film directed by Roman Polanski and based on a story by Polanski and Gérard Brach, who wrote the screenplay with David Stone. It stars Catherine Deneuve as a young, withdrawn woman who finds sexual advances repulsive and after she is left alone in her apartment, becomes even more isolated and detached from reality. Shot in London, it is Polanski’s first English-language film and second feature-length production, following Knife in the Water (1962). … Carol Ledoux, a beautiful Belgian manicurist, lives in London with her older sister Helen. Carol is remarkably detached and struggles in her daily interactions. A suitor, Colin, is enamored with her and makes fervent attempts to court her. Carol is troubled by her sister’s relationship with a man named Michael, whom she seems to dislike. She is unable to sleep, bothered by the sounds of their lovemaking. When Carol walks home from work, she is bothered by a crack in the sidewalk. Colin happens upon her and she struggles to respond when he talks to her. He drives her home and tries to kiss her several times but she pulls away, running upstairs and vigorously brushing her teeth before weeping. Helen confronts Carol for throwing away Michael’s belongings. The next morning, Helen leaves to go on holiday in Italy with Michael. At home, Carol takes the rabbit out of the fridge. Instead of cooking it, she is distracted by a number of things around the apartment, including a used article of Michael’s clothing. About to throw it away, she smells it and vomits. After trying on one of her sister’s dresses, she sees a dark figure in the mirror. That night, she hears footsteps outside her bedroom. One morning she runs a bath and walks away, causing it to overflow. As she turns on a light, the wall cracks open. She locks herself in her room and again hears footsteps. This time, she hallucinates that a man breaks into her room and rapes her. …”
50 years ago, Repulsion pioneered a new genre of gendered horror
MoMA: Roman Polanski’s Repulsion
YouTube: Repulsion 1965 Trailer, Repulsion (1965) | Documentary Short – Interview w/ Dir. Roman Polanski

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