Yellow Submarine – The Beatles (1968)

Yellow Submarine (also known as The Beatles: Yellow Submarine) is a 1968 British animated film inspired by the music of the Beatles, directed by animation producer George Dunning, and produced by United Artists and King Features Syndicate. Initial press reports stated that the Beatles themselves would provide their own character voices. However, aside from composing and performing the songs, the real Beatles participated only in the closing scene of the film, while their cartoon counterparts were voiced by other actors. The film received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, in contrast to the Beatles’ previous film venture Magical Mystery Tour. … Pepperland is a cheerful, music-loving paradise under the sea, protected by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The titular Yellow Submarine rests on an Aztec-like pyramid on a hill. At the edge of the land is a range of high blue mountains. The land falls under a surprise attack from the music-hating Blue Meanies, who live beyond the blue mountains. The attack starts with a music-proof blue glass globe that imprisons the band. With the band sealed in the globe, the Blue Meanies fire projectiles from big artillery stationed in the blue mountains and render the Pepperlanders immobile as statues by shooting explosive arrows or dropping giant green apples upon them (a reference to the Beatles then-new company Apple Corps), and drain the entire countryside of colour. In the last minutes before his capture, Pepperland’s elderly Lord Mayor sends Old Fred, an aging sailor (whom the even more elderly mayor calls ‘Young Fred’), to get help. An explosive fired from one of the Blue Meanies’ clowns reactivates the mothballed Yellow Submarine and it takes off with Fred in it (‘Yellow Submarine‘). Old Fred travels to Liverpool (‘Eleanor Rigby‘), where he follows a depressed Ringo to The Pier, a house-like building on the top of a hill, and persuades him to return to Pepperland with him. Ringo collects his ‘mates’ John, George, and finally Paul, and the five journey back to Pepperland in the yellow submarine. As they operate the submarine, they sing ‘All Together Now‘, after which they pass through several regions on their way to Pepperland. …”
Rolling Stone – ‘Yellow Submarine’ at 50: Why the Psychedelic Animated Beatles Movie Is Timeless (Video)
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