Presencia de América Latina – Jorge González Camarena (November 1964 / April 1965)

Presencia de América Latina (Presence of Latin America), also known as Integración de América Latina (Integration of Latin America) is a mural painted by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarena between November 1964 and April 1965. The 300-square-meter mural, painted in acrylics on rough stucco, is located in the lobby of the Casa del Arte of the University of Concepción (Ciudad Universitaria de Concepción), in Concepción, Chile. Its principal theme is the unity and brotherhood of the different Latin American cultures. The mural is divided into three parts: a flat, central panel measuring 20 by 6 meters, and two sides panels set off at oblique angles to the central part. Each panel measures 7.6 by 6 meters. The mural as a whole is 211.2 m². … The mural describes the history of Latin America through the use of angular, symbolic images, which emphasize the value of fraternity between the different ethnicities of the Spanish American world. The work is read chronologically from right to left. The right panel represents pre-Columbian America. On the lower part a woman with fish in her hands emerges from the Aztec pantheon, symbolizing the riches of the sea. The woman is accompanied by the green mask of Tlaloc, god of rain. Before her is Quetzalcoatl, the serpent-shaped deity who symbolizes culture and who is depicted coiling around the staircase to the art gallery. On the upper part one can see Zontemoc (‘The Falling Sun’), a god who symbolizes the twilight of pre-Hispanic culture. Completing this first panel of the mural, at the right is a mounted Spanish soldier, wearing armor and carrying a dagger, fighting against an eagle-man armed with a mace, symbolizing the battle of the conquest. The central panel begins a bit to the left of the first part with the Spanish soldier and a Native woman, the principal creators of miscegenation. Jorge González called this part The Original Couple (‘La pareja original’), who walk over layers of coal, in which there are imprisoned, sleeping women, symbolizing the riches of the earth: silver, gold, iron and copper. On the surface of this swarm of bodies and precious stones, sprouts a pregnant woman covered with vines, representing the fertility of the earth. From her surge American corn and Old World wheat, nourishment that sustains the bases of industrialization, technology and science, represented as an intricate steel machine on the upper part of the panel. …”
W – Jorge González Camarena
W – Mexican muralism
YouTube: SCHILLER “PRESENCIA DE AMÉRICA LATINA – PRESENCE OF LATIN AMERICA “, #88 Mural of Latin America at the Universidad de Concepción

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