Motor City Comics #1 – April, 1969

“In the spring of 1969 Crumb produced Motor City Comics #1, which introduces Lenore Goldberg, one of his strongest female characters to date. While she displays some of Crumb’s favorite physical attributes, such as muscular thighs and cheesecake cleavage, Goldberg is the most earnest feminist he had yet created. After opening with the absurd ‘The Inimitable Boingy Baxter,’ which is about an everyday guy escaping a pregnant mistress, the cops and a Chinese dentist by bouncing away in his spring-loaded shoes, Crumb delivers the nine-page ‘Lenore Goldberg and Her Girl Commandos.’  Lenore Goldberg is the leader of a group of young women who storm a meeting of liberal intellectuals to ‘clear the air of all this bullshit about femininity!’ Goldberg declares that ‘men and women must get together as equals, but for this to happen the whole society must change radically.’ She never explains exactly how society must change; instead, Goldberg and her ‘girl commandos’ ridicule the sexually repressed intellectuals by pretending to flirt with and seduce them, but it’s all just a game and they exit the meeting after humbling their enemy. When Goldberg and the commandos are pursued by police as they flee the meeting, one of them is caught and brutally punished, but this only strengthens their resolve to expand their membership and push the feminist revolution to the next level. Of course, in Crumb’s eyes, the revolution does not prevent Goldberg from going home to have oral sex with her boyfriend and give him a blow job. Motor City Comics #1 is the second title published by Rip Off Press (Radical America Komics was the first), and though it has plenty of weak spots, the strength of the Lenore Goldberg story makes it a must-read for fans of the Crumb and the underground.”
Comix Joint
Third Mind Books
amazon: Motor City Comics #1, Motor City Comics No. 2

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