The Gilded Palace of Sin – The Flying Burrito Brothers (1969)

The Gilded Palace of Sin is the first album by the country rock group The Flying Burrito Brothers, released in 1969. It continued Gram Parsons‘ and Chris Hillman‘s work in modern country music, fusing traditional sources like folk and country with other forms of popular music like gospel, soul, and psychedelic rock. … With harmonies that reveal the influences of the Everly Brothers and the Louvin Brothers, the songs on the Burritos’ debut attempt to marry country music with the soul sound associated with Otis Redding‘s Stax-Volt label and singers like Percy Sledge. Another significant characteristic of the album is ‘Sneaky’ Pete Kleinow’s unorthodox steel guitar playing, which provides an almost continuous commentary throughout some of the songs. … The album cover features the band in Nudie suits. Parsons had taken the band to designer Nudie Cohn to have custom sequin suits made for all the band members especially for the photo shoot, but Parsons’ was most unusual, featuring a naked woman (rendered as an old-school sailor’s tattoo on each lapel), red poppies on the shoulders, deep-green marijuana leaves on the front, and embroidered Seconal and Tuinal pills scattered elsewhere. Paradoxically, Parsons asked that a flaming red cross surrounded by radiating shafts of blue and gold light cover the back of the jacket. … When Rolling Stone asked Bob Dylan to name his favorite country-rock album, he answered, ‘The Flying Burrito Brothers. Boy, I love them. Their record instantly knocked me out.’ The album has since become regarded as one of the most groundbreaking of the 1960s. Rolling Stone included it on their list of ‘The 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time,’ writing that ‘in many ways, Gilded Palace picks up where the Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo left off…Together, the mercurial Parsons and the levelheaded Hillman concocted a crazily coherent statement of irony-fueled hillbilly anthems, inventive covers and achingly beautiful two-part harmonies, all underscored by Sneaky Pete Kleinow’s radical pedal-steel guitar.’ …”
Desert trip: Gram Parsons and ‘The Gilded Palace of Sin’ (Audio/Video)
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About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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