#9: “Good Vibrations” – Beach Boys (1966)

“‘Good Vibrations’ is a song composed by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Mike Love for the American rock band the Beach Boys, of which both were members. Released on October 10, 1966, the single was an immediate critical and commercial hit, topping record charts in several countries including the US and UK. … Band publicist Derek Taylor dubbed the unusual work a ‘pocket symphony‘. It heralded a wave of pop experimentation and the onset of psychedelic and progressive rock, and helped develop the use of the recording studio as an instrument. The track featured previously untried mixes of instruments, including jaw harp and Electro-Theremin, and although the latter is not a true theremin, the song’s success led to a renewed interest and sales of theremins and synthesizers. …”
W – Good Vibrations

YouTube: John Coltrane & Stan Getz (1960), The Tornados – Telstar (1962), Major Lance – Monkey Time (1963), The Shangri-Las – Give Him A Great Big Kiss (1964), The Rolling Stones – Time Is On My Side (1964), Dave Brubeck Quartet – St Louis Blues- Belgium (1964). The Lovin’ Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic (1965), Thelonious Monk – Don’t blame me / live in Denmark (1966), Beach Boys – Good Vibrations the Lost Studio Footage (1966), Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young (1967)

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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