Steeleye Span – Hark! The Village Wait (1970)

“… The equally mindblowing counterpart to Fairport Convention’s folk rock ideas of 1969-1971: less instrumental pyrotechnics and less original compositions than on ‘Full House’, but more Britishness and more obscure instruments which jangle and slide through the scenery. This album is most simple regarding time signatures and chord progressions, but as sophisticated as can be in terms of arrangement, melody and accentuation. The years from 1969 to 1971 were doubtlessly the years in which the insertion of British folk to rock music was on its peak. Think Genesis’ pastoral work Trespass, Supertramp’s debut album, the music Fairport Convention were doing at that time, the foundation of the Albion Country Band and all that stuff. Steeleye Span, a grouping of already renowned folk musicians which too came into being in that time, plotted the sketches of an authentic British folk rock album in a shared house in the idyllic British county of Wiltshire in 1970. Ashley Hutchings, bassist and bandleader formerly of Fairport Convention, had been inspired by the inventively moody and minimalistic work of the Canadian band The Band and wanted to transfer this approach to the British lore. It wasn’t a start geared to the media, but in hindsight the band Hutchings assembled around him must have raised great expectations amongst the followers of the British folk rock scene. The couple of Tim Hart and Maddy Prior had already recorded two albums of pretty traditional, but resonant renditions of some of lesser-known folk songs.  …-Einsetumadur
W – Hark! The Village Wait
Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music
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YouTube: Hark! the village wait (full album) 38:52

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Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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