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Santa Barbara Oil Spill – 1969: California

Map showing the extent of the Santa Barbara Oil spill’s surface oil and initial coastal impact as of February 5th, 1969, and later, the spill’s longer reach north to near San Luis Obispo, and as far south as San Diego. … Continue reading

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The Gates of Freedom – Angela Davis | 9 June 1972

Angela Davis speaks on a nationwide tour in Los Angeles. “It has been said many times that one can learn a great deal about a society by looking towards its prisons. Look towards its dungeons and there you will see … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Heart – Edited by Barbara Howes (1973)

“This short-story collection is the perfect book for anyone desiring an introduction to El Boom, the renaissance in Latin American fiction that has captured the world’s attention in the last decade or so. Included are tales by such luminaries as … Continue reading

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Not talkin’ bout a revolution: where are all the protest songs?

Joan Baez performs at an anti-Vietnam war demonstration in Trafalgar Square in 1965. “… In a year that marked the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta and 750 years since the Simon de Montfort parliament, the four celebrated … Continue reading

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Feminism in culture

“Feminism has affected culture in many ways, and has famously been theorised in relation to culture by Angela McRobbie, Laura Mulvey and others. Timothy Laurie and Jessica Kean have argued that ‘one of [feminism’s] most important innovations has been to … Continue reading

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Up Above the World – Paul Bowles (1966)

“‘You must watch your universe as it cracks above your head,’ Paul Bowles once told an interviewer. Mr. Bowles has cocked a wary, ironic eye at a tumbling universe since 1929, when he left the University of Virginia for an … Continue reading

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1970 Polish protests

“The Polish 1970 Strikes (Polish: Grudzień 1970, ‘December 1970’) occurred in northern Poland in December 1970. The protests were sparked by a sudden increase of prices of food and other everyday items. As a result of the strikes, which were … Continue reading

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