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Francis Ponge

Francis Ponge: Things “Francis Jean Gaston Alfred Ponge (French: [pɔ̃ʒ]; 27 March 1899 – 6 August 1988) was a French essayist and poet. Influenced by surrealism, he developed a form of prose poem, minutely examining everyday objects. … From 1952 to … Continue reading

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Parks are for the People: The Piedmont Park Riot and the Politics of Late 1960s Atlanta

“In the summer of 1967, Atlanta Journal reporter Michael Palmer went undercover as a hippie. Hoping to provide his readers with some insight into a movement that had recently made its way into the national consciousness, Palmer put on a … Continue reading

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The Women Who Covered Vietnam

Kate Webb earned a reputation as a fearless reporter during the Vietnam War. “This year Australia put the journalist Kate Webb on a stamp to commemorate the country’s Veterans Day. It is a reproduction of a famous photo of Kate … Continue reading

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