See a Full Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert on Restored Footage Thought Lost for 35 Years

“Maybe there’s truth to the old joke about the 60s—’If you remember it, you weren’t there’—but it’s hard to believe anyone could forget seeing Hendrix. If you caught him in Stockholm in 1969 however and it somehow slipped your mind, you can relive it again for the first time in the well-preserved, newly restored concert film above: a full hour of ‘electric church music’ from the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The event was not meant to have been preserved at all. As Catarina Wilson of Sweden’s public television station SVT explained to the BBC, the tape should have been erased and reused because the station couldn’t afford to keep so much raw footage. Some technician at the station likely realized its value and stashed it away. Since it was unlabeled, the footage sat forgotten on the shelf for 35 years, until a team undertook a project of transferring archival material to digital and discovered the full Hendrix gig. ‘The tape was shot on January 9, 1969 at Stockholm’s Konserthuset,’ reports Swedish news site The Local, ‘for a pop music show called Nummer 9. Only ten minutes of the concert was broadcast on January 21st of that year.’ After their introduction, Hendrix dedicates the show to ‘the American deserters society’—soldiers refusing to go to Vietnam, some of whom may have been in the audience. Then, after a little tuning up and another obscure dedication, the band launches into ‘Killing Floor.’  …”
Open Culture (Video)

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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