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CIA activities in Laos

Vietnamese soldiers in Laos “CIA activities in Laos started in the 1950s. In 1959, U.S. Special Forces began to train some Laotian soldiers in unconventional warfare techniques as early as the fall of 1959 under the code name Erawan. Under … Continue reading

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Violette Leduc

“Violette Leduc (7 April 1907 – 28 May 1972) was a French author. … After the war, she went to a boarding school, the Collège de Douai, where she experienced lesbian affairs with her classmate ‘Isabelle’, which Leduc later adapted … Continue reading

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Torrential, Gut-Bucket Jazz

Ornette Coleman with Don Cherry at the 5 Spot Cafe, New York City, November 17, 1959 “It happened that on the day the great saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman died I was watching a preview of a recently salvaged film … Continue reading

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The Black Dwarf

“The Black Dwarf  was announced with a free broadsheet on 1 May 1968 and published four weeks later. The inspiration was the struggle of the Vietnamese liberation movement against American imperialism that had taken over territories from the European colonial … Continue reading

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