Bosstown Sound

Beacon Street Union: The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union

“The Bosstown Sound (or Boston Sound) was the catchphrase of a marketing campaign to promote psychedelic rock and psychedelic pop bands in Boston, Massachusetts, in the late 1960s. The concept was conceived by the record producer Alan Lorber as a marketing strategy intended to establish several underground musical artists native to the city on the national charts and compete with the popular San Francisco Sound. Lorber chose Boston for his plan because of the several bands developing in the city, the abundance of music venues (such as the Boston Tea Party), and the proximity of MGM Records, which had signed the core groups. The Bosstown Sound was promoted as harnessing the hallucinogenic essence of psychedelia, also known at the time as acid rock. Numerous bands were involved, but the groups Ultimate Spinach, the Beacon Street Union, and Orpheus were the most prominent. The Boston music scene briefly captured the interest of the youth culture, and recordings by bands from Boston achieved positions on the Billboard 200 chart. However, by the end of 1969, the campaign faltered, its advertisements rejected by listeners. Critics panned the groups involved, and few of the Bosstown bands survived after the scene collapsed. Opinions are still mixed, but the music of these bands has received more positive assessments in recent years. Prior to the Bosstown Sound, Boston had a burgeoning garage rock scene with bands such as the Remains, the Rising Storm, Teddy and the Pandas, and the Rockin’ Ramrods at the forefront. … What became the genesis of the Bosstown Sound is said to exist, at least in rudimentary form, as early as June 1967, when journalist Mel Lyman’s first issue of Avatar was pressed. His newspaper carried an advertisement promoting a scheduled event, headlined by two of Boston’s earliest psychedelic rock bands, Ill Wind and the Hallucinations, at the Boston Tea Party. …”
The Bosstown Sound or The Boston Sound (Video)
YouTube: Beacon Street Union: The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union 50:50 , Earth Opera, The Great American Eagle Tragedy, 37:10, Ultimate Spinach – Om. lll .- 1969 + Behold And See – 68 ( Full Album)2 1:19:51

Ultimate Spinach

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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