Robert Duncan

“… This is the poet Robert Duncan born 1919, Oakland, California. Of his work, Duncan has written, ‘I make poetry as other men make war or make love or make states or revolutions – to exercise my faculties at large. One of the more influential of modern American poets, Robert Duncan’s major collection of work to date is in the volume Roots and Branches, published by Scribners. With the painter Jess Collins, Duncan lives and works in this house in San Francisco in an environment uniquely his own.’ RD: ‘I think of myself as a householder in the middle of a city, where this household is in San Francisco, and then San Francisco for me is an extension and again a household. Beyond that, I don’t have much picture of the rest, I might say, the rest of the country is almost as naked as living in the rest of history, of all of time. And then what one does in the furnishing of a household is about as far as I understand that role that people make so much about, talking about poems, usually talking about discipline, about the poet’s selectivity. Everywhere, I am selecting, but I wouldn’t view it as an extension of discipline, or an economy. It’s an operation of intuition for me.’ Robert Duncan has written, ‘I study what I write, and I study out any mystery.. A poem, mine or others, is an occult document. And concerning metaphor, the concept that to form is to transform is a magic then. And a metaphor is not a literary device but an actual meaning arising from, operating in, and leading us to realize, the co-inherence of being in being, that we perceive forms because there are correspondences.’ …”
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