#5 – 1963: Fingertips, Part 2 – Little Stevie Wonder

“When people think of Fingertips, this, Part 2, is what they usually mean. It’s the more direct, visceral, and thoroughly enjoyable of the two parts, but it wasn’t originally even intended as an A-side, never mind the million-selling number one pop hit it became – a success which must have exceeded Motown’s wildest dreams, however much Berry Gordy would later claim to have had faith in the boy Wonder’s chart future. … There’s a simple enough explanation, of course. It’s fantastic. Let me start off by explaining what the heck this record is, because although it seems obvious to me just from listening to it, much of the Internet seems to have got it wrong, so some background might help. This is a live recording from a multi-artist Motown show at the Regal Theater in Chicago, in March of 1963. Crucially, these were so tightly managed that the same group of backing musicians didn’t do the whole night (since there wasn’t really enough time for all those rehearsals) – so different artists would be assigned different backing players. …”
Motown Junkies, W – Fingertips

1960: The Everly Brothers – Cathy’s Clown, 1961: The Shirelles – Will you still love me tomorrow, 1962: Let’s dance ~ Chris Montez, 1963: Fingertips, Part 2 – Little Stevie Wonder, 1964: Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz ◊ The Girl From Ipanema, 1965: Sam the Sham the Pharaos – Wooly Bully, 1966: Young Rascals – Good Lovin’, 1967: Procol Harum – Homburg, 1968: Amboy Dukes – Journey To The Center Of The Mind, 1969: Mary Hopkin – Goodbye (Paul McCartney), 1970: Freda Payne – Band of Gold

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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