Street without Joy – Bernard Fall (1961)

“Street without Joy is a 1961 book originally about the First Indochina War (1946-1954). It was written by Bernard Fall, a Franco-American professor, who had been a French soldier, and later an American war correspondent. The book’s first-hand investigation of French involvement in Vietnam, its understanding of the Vietnamese events, and its insights into guerrilla warfare, drew wide interest among Americans, beginning in the mid-1960s when their own country markedly increased its actively in the Vietnam War. The title of the book was taken from the name given by French soldiers to a stretch of Route 1 which had been fortified by their enemies the Viet Minh. It ran along the central coast of Vietnam from Huế north to Quảng Trị. In French it was called La Rue Sans Joie which translated means Street without Joy.  Fall’s book Street without Joy is a ‘sketch’ or essay on the militarypolitical history of the war largely fought between the French Army, who sought to reclaim Vietnam, and the Viet Minh, a force organized by Vietnamese communists, who resisted. Earlier during World War II, the Japanese Army had in September 1940 attacked and conquered French Indochina. Following Japan’s defeat in the Asia-Pacific War and withdrawal of its forces, this new war began. It ended in 1954 with the Geneva accords, whereby France withdrew from north Vietnam, the Viet Minh from the south Vietnam. For the time being, an independent Vietnam then became divided into two states, North and South. … Fall re Vietnam. During World War II, Fall acquired military experience when he served in the French resistance and later in the French Army. Also a reserve officer, he became familiar with the French military from the inside. In 1953 he went to Vietnam, where he did research for his doctoral dissertation on the revolutionary insurgents. It was published as The Vietminh Regime (1956). … The siege of Dien Bien Phu (1966), Vietnam Witness (1966), in addition to his 1961 Street without Joy. As a journalist he wrote pieces about Vietnam, e.g., for The Nation, The New Republic, Ramparts, The New York Times, The Washington Post. …”
NY Times – Bernard Fall: The Man Who Knew the War
W – Bernard Fall
On the Street Without: Joy A Wounded Land Heals Slowly – If At All
amazon: Street Without Joy: The French Debacle in Indochina

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