Handbook for Conscientious Objectors

“I read earlier editions bought from the publisher, with other authors. It explains who qualifies as a conscientious objector under the U.S. military draft and how the procedures work. The book did not push one type of belief over another, but left that to the individual. The law is highly technical. I doubt the law has changed much since the book last came out. While CO claims are not officially considered even if someone tries to submit one (I don’t know if they’re even kept on file), the law will probably be the same if general induction authority is revived unless Congress rewrites the Military Selective Service Act, section 6(j). Draft regulations may have changed, especially on procedure, but the basic Constitutional interpretations and statutory provisions have likely been stable since 1972 or so. Note that the courts do not accept a literal reading of the statute as sufficient to anyone’s understanding of the subject. The publisher was not part of the Selective Service System or the military and did not toe the line with either one, but relied on the law, largely from civilian courts, and was a well-reputed organization at the time. I was a draft counselor and read many of the books and newsletters of the time, and read the principal law reporter. This is the only book of its kind. It was very well researched and written for a lay readership. …” -Nick Levinson
amazon: Handbook for Conscientious Objectors

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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