John Pairman Brown – The Liberated Zone (1969)

“… By the mid-1960s, Berkeley, California had become a center of the ‘hippie’ culture drawing large numbers of transient youth to the area called South Campus, especially Telegraph Ave. A small group of area merchants and clergy of local churches, interested in reconciliation and conflict resolution, conceived the idea of ministry to the needs of these persons. The South Campus Community Ministry was incorporated in May 1967. Richard L. York, recent graduate of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, and soon to be ordained in the Episcopal Church, was hired as Director. The SCCM quickly emerged as both an alternative social service agency and a ‘Free Church’ as it was called by the kids on the street (‘free’ designating ‘hippie’). The Free Church worked out of a house in the South Campus area which was also where York and his family lived. In the early months, with minimal staff, particularly Glee Bishop, and some volunteers, the Free Church began its ministry by reacting to the immediate needs of the street people. From this grew services such as: a switchboard; counseling and crisis intervention for problems and issues such as runaways, the draft, problems with drugs, and more; providing crash pads; and providing free meals. Eventually, the Free Church helped develop ‘spin off’ projects which took over these services, such as the Berkeley Runaway Center, the Berkeley Free Clinic, and the Berkeley Emergency Food Project. …”
Inventory of the Berkeley Free Church Collection, 1959-1976
Gone #4: Old Weird Telegraph Part Five – Church and State

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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