Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love) – Swingin’ Medallions (1966)

“This month, I’ll look at a song about which the late Southern writer Lewis Grizzard wrote in 1993, ‘Even today, when I hear the Swingin’ Medallions sing ‘Double Shot of My Baby’s Love,’ it makes me want to stand outside in the hot sun with a milkshake cup full of beer in one hand and a slightly drenched 19-year-old coed in the other.’ It’s a sentiment many people probably share with Grizzard, as ‘Double Shot’ is a song that pretty much epitomizes parties, good music, and good times. Based on an interview I conducted with Swingin’ Medallions’ frontman John McElrath , here’s the story behind 1966’s ‘Double Shot of My Baby’s Love.’ The Medallions got together in 1962 at Lander College in Greenwood, South Carolina, when group founder John McElrath and his friends formed the band to make a little extra money to help pay for school. Their act was based in rhythm and blues, and like many up-and-coming regional bands during the ’60s, they made their living lining up gigs to play at frat parties and in clubs. …”
The Story Behind: The Swingin’ Medallions, “Double Shot of My Baby’s Love”
W – The Swingin’ Medallions
YouTube: Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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