Days of Rage

Police arrest demonstrators at a “Days of Rage” protest, in Chicago, on October 11, 1969, organized by the Weathermen, a radical offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society.
“The Days of Rage demonstrations were a series of direct actions taken over a course of three days in October 1969 in Chicago, and organized by the Weatherman faction of the counterculture-era group Students for a Democratic Society. The group planned the October 8–11 event as a ‘National Action’ built around John Jacobs’ slogan, ‘bring the war home’. The National Action grew out of a resolution drafted by Jacobs and introduced at the October 1968 SDS National Council meeting in Boulder, Colorado. The resolution, which read ‘The Elections Don’t Mean Shit—Vote Where the Power Is—Our Power Is In The Street’, was adopted by the council; it had been prompted by the success of the Democratic National Convention protests in August 1968 and reflected Jacobs’ strong advocacy of direct action as political strategy. In 1969 tensions ran high among the factions of SDS. Weathermen was still part of the organization but differences were coming to the surface. ‘Look at it: America 1969’ put forth SDS’s bottom line regarding the National Action. By the end of August, the differences between Weatherman and Revolutionary Youth Movement II (RYM II) had emerged, leading to the resignation of RYM II leader and member of SDS Mike Klonsky from the Weatherman-controlled National office leadership. He accused Weathermen of going back on the convention’s mandate. Weathermen members Mark Rudd and Terry Robbins responded, saying that priority must be given to building an anti-imperialist youth movement. …”
Vanity Fair: Meet The Weather Underground’s Bomb Guru by Bryan Burrough
NY Times: ‘Days of Rage,’ by Bryan Burrough
The Nation: Ignorant Good Will
Days of Rage in the 1970s: America’s Homegrown, Violent, Bomb-Setting Radical Underground
YouTube: Days of Rage 1969

About 1960s: Days of Rage

Bill Davis - 1960s: Days of Rage
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